An Authoritative Guide to German Foods and Cuisine

CGN Burgerlich sq_4The Hamburger Revival

Hamburgers, in form of pre-formed beef patties sticking between two (most-likely) soggy buns and packing loads of calories, seem to have lost their appeal. Sales at Burger-King, McDonalds, and other fast food burger chains are plummeting in Germany and many countries around the world. Consumers today are more likely to bite into eco-friendly “healthy” snacks, than chomping down a burger. But consumers are not turning away from the classic German-inspired American culinary invention. Take a closer look at the wave of independent hamburger restaurants now flourishing in many German (and American) cities. … read more

Woman Eating Burger squ copyRecipes for a German-American Barbecue





Waldmeister - BowleRefreshing Waldmeister Bowle

The Waldmeister Bowle is a refreshing alcoholic punch traditionally drunk in celebration of fertility and the spirits of the forest. In the Middle Ages, this drink was hailed as aphrodisiac (perhaps these ages were not so dark after all). The main flavor ingredient is sweet woodruff or in German Waldmeister (literally: master of the woods), native to Europe and Asia, and available as an herb and attractive groundcover in North America. With a dash of Waldmeister Syrup, you can flavor a great Maybowle, made with white wine, champagne and any ingredient of your choice. Read More…

ttog condiment sausage samplerGerman condiments and flavors

Commonly used flavor aids – such as mustard, ketchup, vinegar, horseradish, sauces or dressings – may all look the same, no matter where they have been produced. But they certainly do not taste the same. Across Europe, you’ll find a great variety of taste preferences for condiments and flavorings. Here were introduce you to most of the flavor aids from German-speaking countries imported to North America. … read more.