What’s New in June?

Wholesome healthy breakfastMeals to fuel athletes’ dreams

Sport fans all over the world will have heydays in June, July, and August when television sets will be tuned in to watch the UEFA soccer tournament, followed by the Olympic Games. Every four years, we can look forward to spectacular athletic feats, for sure, but have you ever wondered what fuels those soccer players and general athletes? What do they have for breakfast? And, what can we learn from their nutritional regiment?… more »

FDA buildingFood Industry Faces Paradigm Shift

This year will be remembered as a watershed moment for food producers, importers and retailers in the United States. A wave of new federal and state rules published over the past months will impact food companies, from huge to very small, for years to come. Of course, the goal is to increase food safety, improve the health of millions and provide transparency to consumers about what’s sold at retail stores and restaurants. Yet, the legislation may increase the cost of doing business in this industry, particularly for small, artisan producers. We’ve compiled a list of FDA’s most important recent final rules… more »

Fishing Boat on the Mecklenburg-Vompommern CoastFrom North Sea to Baltic Sea: A Look at German Coastal Cuisine

While Oktoberfest pretzels, sausages and beer may dominate the image of German food abroad, the culinary choices of Germany’s North are waiting to be explored. More than 8,000 km of coastal line and beaches stretch across three major federal states (Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Pomerania), not to mention Poland and the Baltic States. From sprats and sea buckthorn to pork and potatoes – our recipe collections will open your eyes to the beauty and variety of Germany’s coastal cuisine… more »

New products available in North America, June 2016Hot Off the Fairs: New Products Preview

Each year, about 700 new food and beverage products hit the shelves of North American supermarkets and many more are introduced in specialty food stores. Discover the newest delicacies made in Germany and neighboring countries, now available in the US and Canada. We update this section at least once a year… more »

The Taste Of Germany
The Taste Of GermanyJune 27th, 2016 at 1:59am

Opening ceremony of the Summer Fancy Food in New York with the Tunesian Minister of Agriculture

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