An Authoritative Guide to German Foods and Cuisine

MuesliAs Lent begins, enjoy the whole grains.

Forget diet and supplements. A few minor changes of what and how much you eat will reduce weight over time.

Sugar and salt make food taste good. But how to loose weight? You don’t necessarily have to forgo your sweet treats, convenience snacks and fast food snacks. Just eat less of them and add delicious whole grains that fill you up until the next meal. Here are some suggestions:…[read on]


Pea Soup GF SqOne Pot Wonders

Coming home to the welcoming aroma of a steaming pot of richly flavored soup or stew has to be one of the most comforting experiences of the season.

Winter’s short days and dreary weather leave our bodies craving warmth. Gently simmered soups and stews from Germany are the perfect winter comfort food.



Reber Mozart

A Sweet Moment with Amadeus, Franz & Elvis

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to enjoy some of the world’s greatest musical talents with a rebel mindset and a German/Austrian ancestry: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert and Elvis Presley (yes, even Elvis).

Take a moment and relax with their sublime music, like “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” or “Winterreise” or “Love Me Tender,” enjoy a fine piece of German chocolate and let yourself inspire by your muse and creativity.