The Authoritative Guide to German Foods and Cuisine

Rosehip1A hip and healthy superfruit

Want to shield yourself from the common cold during the Karneval season? Put a  spoonful of rosehip jam into your Krapfen or onto a slice of bread. Rosehip, considered a Heilpflanze in Germany (a highly nutritional fruit with medicinal or health-promoting properties), packs an enormous punch of Vitamin C and other essential nutrients and is a must-eat food during the cold season. … read more

PfitzaufIn Honor of Pan and Juno

Before you purchase that special card, chocolate or gem for a loved one, take a minute and ponder upon Valentine’s Day: why do we dedicate a day to commemorate and celebrate sacrifice, purity, romance, fertility and sensual pleasures in the middle of the winter? There are many good reasons based on historic events and traditions: choosing mates, honoring matrimony, cleansing body and soul or preparing for fertility are some of them. Another reason is simple guilt-free enjoyment of fine chocolates or gourmet dinners for two. Here’s what we you can do to honor the past, while indulging in some sweet German gustatory pleasures: …read more

beer_soup_LowResRecipe Collections – Simple Comfort Food for Casual Winter Entertaining

The cold winter months are a natural match for simple comfort food to warm the body and nourish the soul. Here is a small collection of simple German-inspired comfort food to add to your menu for this year’s Superbowl or carnival party. The collection includes classic dishes like German potato salad and Sauerkraut soup with contemporary recipes using ideas and ingredients which are as popular in North America as they are in Germany. » read more…