What’s New in September: Beer Garden, Back to School, New Products

A scene from a Munich BeergardenIn Need of the Original Munich Beer Garden

The truly original Munich beer garden is an ideal place to relax, where you can be lustvoll, massvoll und sinnvoll (engl.: full of excitement, moderation, and contemplation) all at the same time. Such a place would be much needed here in the United States. Wait a minute, you may say. We have plenty of great beer gardens in the US! Yes, and we listed the top beer gardens in each US state for your convenience. But the truly original Munich beer garden … that’s something different. It would not get a permit … more

Back to Chool Treats with Sugar ConeSchultüten Treats for the First Day of School

Few invention in human history have been as helpful as sweet treats in a Schultüte (literally “school cone,” also known as Zuckertüte, or “sugar cone”) to motivate newly-minted scholars on their first day of school. While the thought of homework for the first time or yet again may dampen the mood among some students, a few sweet surprises can lighten the load. Discover where to buy or make your own Schultüte and what to put in it  … more »

New products available in North America, June 2016 New Foods for This Year

Each year, about 700 new food and beverage products hit the shelves of North American supermarkets and many more are introduced in specialty food stores. Discover the newest German delicacies we discovered at recent industry trade sold in stores or online the US and Canada. We update this section at least once a year… more »

Food Industry Faces Paradigm Shiftfda_building

This year will be remembered as a watershed for food producers, importers and retailers in the United States. A wave of new federal and state rules published over the past 10 months will impact food companies for years to come. New Nutrition Label, Food Safety Modernization, National GMO Labeling, What’s All Natural?, Prop 65, Waste Reduction …. consumer become ever more concerned, lawmakers and regulators have responded. We’ve compiled a list of the FDA’s most important recent final rules (Last Update: August 2016)… more »

The Taste Of Germany
The Taste Of GermanyAugust 17th, 2016 at 1:30am

"Coconut sugar, also called coconut palm sugar, is a natural unrefined sugar made from the sap of the coconut tree...