German Easter – Recipes, Cakes, Traditions and Sweets

Hazelnut Crown Cake

Germany’s Glorious Easter Cakes

Germany’s Easter cakes are each spectacular in their own way. Some are relatively simple (like the Hazelnut Crown), and some are fairly complex in their execution (like the Bee Sting Cake) — but all are very, very tasty.

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Easter Specialties 2023
Easter Bunny and Eggs

German Easter Traditions

We tend to think of many Easter traditions as universal — like Easter eggs, Easter baskets, and, of course, the Easter bunny. In fact, some of these traditions likely originated in Germany, some date back to ancient times, and some have their roots in pagan celebrations. Nearly all include symbols of Earth’s rebirth each spring, when winter’s darkness ends, snows melt, daffodils grow… and for those hardy souls who gave up sweets for Lent, the torment of a confectionery-free existence is no more!…

German Recipes for Easter Week

In Germany, as in other countries, the Easter season is marked by traditional dishes, cakes and confectionery. Here’s a collection of recipes for the most important days of Easter week, namely Maundy Thursday (Gründonnerstag), Good Friday (Karfreitag) and Easter Sunday (Ostersonntag).

Eggs in Green Sauce
Leipzig Allerei, Vegetable Hodgepodge

Lenten Recipes from Kitchens and Cloisters

Our collection of recipes for Lent includes regional recipes and recipes from various religious orders. During Lent, practicing Christians strive for nutritious simplicity in their food, so that their focus may remain on contemplation and repentance in advance of Easter. These recipes include a selection of simple, mostly plant-based recipes that offer simplicity without too much deprivation.

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