Spring Has Sprung!

Bavarian Maypole Dance

German Maifest Traditions

Maifest traditions are still celebrated throughout Germany. During Maifest, cities and villages are bedecked with colorful drapery and flowers. Some areas light bonfires, while others open the carnival fair season and elect May queens and kings. One tradition shared among most regions is the erection of a Maibaum (Maypole). …

It’s Spargelzeit

For Germans, nothing epitomizes spring like the revered white stalks of Spargel (Asparagus)! The green variety is more popular in North America and Great Britain, however Germans prefer the white variety that is harvested from about mid-April to the end of June. They’ve given this harvest season it’s own name — Spargelzeit

White asparagus with Hollandaise sauce

Eat plants for the love of the Earth

Eating Lighter for Spring and Beyond

As Earth Day approaches again this year we ask — Can we eat lighter for the sake of the earth? If veganism is a diet too far for you, have you considered Meatless Mondays? Even this modest diet change may reap huge benefits for our mother planet…

Vegan and Vegetarian Favorites

Despite the stereotypical view of a meat-and-potato Germany, many Germans embrace a more plant-based diet, and a lighter take on German cooking that’s lighter on the planet, too. No matter what cuisine you enjoy, these recipes are for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike!…

Veggie Burger on Pretzel Bun

Selection of German Breads

Bread, Glorious Bread

Anyone who’s been to Europe is likely to remember the great taste of European breads. Nowhere is this more true, perhaps, then in Germany — and it may be possible to bake some of these great tasting breads at home!….

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