What’s New in May: Asparagus Season, Mayfest, Mother’s Day

White Asparagus Anyone? We Got Recipes

In Germany, white asparagus is Spring’s culinary status symbol. The fine flavor qualities, soft texture that melts in the mouth and highly versatile applications in all kinds of dishes are unique to this humble vegetable. Discover great sauces, meat cuts, seafood or noodles that pair well with white asparagus.  Find out why ancient Greeks and Romans deemed asparagus as an aphrodisiac and what  differentiates white from green asparagus? Travel with us on the German Asparagus Road.  Or simply enjoy the soft white asparagus tips with butter and Black Forest ham  … more

Maifest MaybowleMaypole Robbery in the Merry Month of May

Why would 70 young men in Bavaria conspire to rally in middle of the night outside Munich to steal a 110 feet long tree destined to be used as the new permanent Maytree in the Center of Munich’s Viktualienmarkt? That just happened a few weeks ago!  The tradition of Maypole robbery is a century-old rite of passage. Young men, eager to prove their courage, virility, dexterity, will do everything to steal the heavily guarded May tree at a neighboring town on April 30, just to return it a day later against ransom in form of Maibock beer, pretzels and sausages. From May Day to Mother’s Day to the start of BBQ season – May is as much a month for German folk fests as October.  ….more

All About German Mustard

When Americans think of mustard, they typically envision bright-yellow ballpark mustard on top of a hotdog. We tend to lose sight of just how many varieties of mustard exist in the world, and unfortunately limit ourselves to yellow or the occasional honey mustard. The truth is, there are hundreds of kinds of mustard in the world. Some of the most common types are hot, mild, sweet, honey, coarse, whole grain, and horseradish! Germany has provided the world with a variety of great-tasting mustards, including Bavarian süß (sweet), Düsseldorf scharf (hot), Bautzener mittelscharf (medium hot) and…more

Food Industry Newsfood-industry-news-5

The year 2017 may be full of surprises for food industry professionals on both sides of the Atlantic. Will the new Trump administration impose tariffs on all imported products, including foods? Will recently enacted regulations – the Food Safety Modernization Act, Nutrition Labeling, Menu Labeling, GMO Labeling etc. – be rolled back? What are the next fights between consumer advocates,  environmental advocates, lawmakers and regulators? We’ve compiled a list of the most important issues affecting all of us in the (Last Update: January 2017)… more »

What’s Cooking This Month

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