Celebrate Oktoberfest At Home: A Comprehensive Guide

Oktoberfest Party Guests

Oktoberfest Party Guide

Celebrate Oktoberfest at home. Invite who you want and when you want. Stay up late and party ’til dawn. This comprehensive guide provides details on how to stage the world’s largest party at home. Which types of sausages to get, the decoration and music; and lots of recipes featuring authentic Bavarian cheese, Black Forest Ham, Westphalia bread, Munich mustard, and Swabian pickles. You can find all these ingredients and many more items at our store.

Find an Oktoberfest in the US & Canada

For those of us who can’t make it to “die Wiesn” (the Meadow) in Munich, there are more than 150 Oktoberfests in North America — from New York to Seattle, and from Kitchener to Vancouver. With 16% of the US population and about 10% of Canadians claiming German ancestry, it’s no wonder the annual celebration of German culture, food and drink is such a popular annual event! Search for an Oktoberfest near you in our updated state-by-state + provinces guide.

Oktoberfest Visitors
Oktoberfest Pretzel

All About Bavarian Pretzels

The Bavarian pretzel, a classic Oktoberfest snack, has humble, even prayerful, origins. In fact, pretzels were once considered a holy food with healing powers. In 610 A.D., Italian monks made the first pretzels from leftover bread-dough scraps and the twisted knot of the traditional pretzel shape is meant to symbolize the arms folded in prayer. Today, the soft pretzel with its lightly crunchy, coarsely salted crust is a staple in beer gardens around the world. Find a wide array of pretzel products in our store and a home-made recipe here.

German Beer Brands in the US & Canada

Germany’s love affair with beer has existed for more than 1,000 years, spawning many types of brews and flavors. Although the number of breweries has shrunk over the past 50 years from over 3,000 to 1,600, most towns and cities still pride themselves of their local brew. We’ve conducted extensive research which beer brands can be purchased at some restaurant and retailers across the US and Canada. Check our (non-exhaustive) updated list.

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