What’s New in March: Lean and Green For Lent, Hip Herring, Bach’s Birthday

Lean and Green: Lenten Superfoods

Green is the color of the month: the first shoots of tulip leaves, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, green kale, hope that springs eternal. As temperatures jump between winter and summer within the span of days, enjoy nutritious home-made meals: Grünkohl mit Pinkel (kale stew with sausage), Bärlauchsuppe (Wild Garlic Soup), Eier mit grüner Sosse (eggs and green sauce) and lean German pickled veggies for St. Patty’s Day…more

Hip Herring

If you’re into canned tuna, but yearn for some change, try a canned herring or mackerel.  FDA and EPA recently named all three “Best choices to Eat.” Herring and its cousins mackerel and sprat are very popular items in the German and Baltic cuisine: they are incredibly versatile and affordable staples than can be made into fantastic meal. Try our herring with potato pancake and other recipes   … more

Cutting the Mustard

When Americans think of mustard, they typically envision bright-yellow Ballpark mustard on top of a hotdog. We tend to lose sight of just how many varieties of mustard exist in the world, and unfortunately limit ourselves to yellow mustard and the occasional honey-Dijon mustard. The truth is, there are hundreds of kinds of mustard in the world. Some of the most common are honey, Dijon, spicy brown, coarse, whole grain, and horseradish! Germany has provided the world with a variety of great-tasting mustards, including Bavarian süß (sweet), Düsseldorf scharf (hot), Bautzener mittelscharf (medium hot) and…more

Food Industry Newsfood-industry-news-5

The year 2017 may be full of surprises for food industry professionals on both sides of the Atlantic. Will the new Trump administration impose tariffs on all imported products, including foods? Will recently enacted regulations – the Food Safety Modernization Act, Nutrition Labeling, Menu Labeling, GMO Labeling etc. – be rolled back? What are the next fights between consumer advocates,  environmental advocates, lawmakers and regulators? We’ve compiled a list of the most important issues affecting all of us in the (Last Update: January 2017)… more »

Seasonal Recipes

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