What’s New in June: Summertime Picnics, All About Honey, Luther’s Wedding

Fresh Picnic BasketSummertime Picnics? We Got Recipes

Nothing captures the essence of summer quite like a great outdoor picnic. Whether you are enjoying a day at the beach, in the mountains, at a park or at your favorite spot in the countryside, we have put together a collection of delicious light snacks which would make great additions to any picnic basket. After a leisurely hike or fun games and activities at the beach everyone will have worked up a good appetite and that’s when it’s time to break out your well-packed picnic baskets and coolers. Light summer snacks like fresh fruit and salads as well as sandwiches … more

A Honeybee Harvests Pollen from a Pink FlowerAll About German Honey

Summer is almost here, and that means it’s time for honeybees to start working to make nature’s liquid gold, honey. From a breakfast spread to baking to a sweetener, honig is used in many different aspects of German cuisine. While most Americans eat the clover variety, there are hundreds of varieties that have unique tastes and textures. In fact, some types are not even sourced from flowers! Learning how to use this sweet treat in culinary ventures is not only fun, it’s also delicious! And on top of that it can also …more

Luther’s Anniversary, Wedding and CakeA Martin Luther Actor Marches in a Parade

Imagine being branded an outlaw by an emperor, excommunicated by the Catholic Church, and also being the father of Protestantism. This is exactly what happened to Martin Luther in 1517. Martin Luther was a German monk turned religious revolutionary, famous for his Ninety-Five Theses, which spoke out against acts of the Catholic Church. This all did not take place overnight, however, as a lot …more

food-industry-news-5Food Industry News

The year 2017 may be full of surprises for food industry professionals on both sides of the Atlantic. Will the new Trump administration impose tariffs on all imported products, including foods? Will recently enacted regulations – the Food Safety Modernization Act, Nutrition Labeling, Menu Labeling, GMO Labeling etc. – be rolled back? What are the next fights between consumer advocates,  environmental advocates, lawmakers and regulators? We’ve compiled a list of the most important issues affecting all of us in the …more

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