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Oktoberfest Party Guide

Invite who you want, when you want. Stay up late and party ’til dawn. Be part of the world’s largest party by hosting an Oktoberfest Party at home. Keep it authentic with themed decorations and authentic German food. And of course, don’t forget Germany’s legendary brews, crisp Riesling wines and refreshing mineral waters. …

Oktoberfest Recipes to Cook at Home

With our collection of authentic German Oktoberfest recipes you can choose to host an casual gathering or a elegant meal to celebrate the world’s largest party. These recipes use genuine German ingredients, with options for quick-and-easy finger food to spectacular festive dishes!

Oktoberfest Appetizers at Home
Oktoberfest in NY

Find an Oktoberfest Near You

for those of us who can’t make it to die Wiesn (‘the Meadow’) for the world’s biggest party, each year there are more than 150 Oktoberfests in North America — from New York to Seattle, and from Kitchener-Waterloo to Vancouver. With 16% of the US population and about 10% of Canadians claiming German ancestry, it’s no wonder the annual celebration of German culture, food and drink is such a popular annual event!..

What’s So Cool About Oktoberfest?

On September 16, just before noon, a metal tap will be driven into a into a 200 liter (53 gallon) keg of beer, and with a shout of “O’zapft is” (It’s tapped!) Oktoberfest on the Theresienwiese will have officially begun. The world’s largest party is also one of Germany’s successful exports — from Blumenau in Brazil to Brisbane in Australia, and Cincinnati to Shanghai — people of all ages, ethnicities and nationalities will dress in Dirndl and Lederhosen, drink and eat Bavarian style and just plain have a good time.

Munich Oktoberfest
Red and White Federweisse

…and Weinfests, too!

In Germany, Weinfests are almost as popular as Oktoberfest. Germany lies thick with vineyards. You’ll find vineyards within the sight of Bonn, Beethoven’s city and Germany’s former capital. There are vineyards at Heidelberg, Worms and Würzburg, near the spa at Baden-Baden and even in the alpine lands around Lake Konstanz … and lots of wine gardens to enjoy a Riesling, Silvaner or Grauburgunder in the open air….

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