Frugal or Feel-Good, Food for Lent

Pickled Beet Onion Salad

Krauts and Beets, Your Lenten Superfoods

Sauerkraut and red beets, the Lenten Superfoods, are back in vogue, not just with health nuts, but also fast food fans and party animals in Germany and North America. Why?They are healthy, versatile, tasty, and require little preparation, especially when they are consumed in pickled form. …

Preztels and Beer for Lent!

While many people still adhere to traditional practices during the Lenten season, religious rules regarding fasting and abstinence are much more relaxed than in days of old. Under the old rules, Christians were forbidden from eating any animal products including eggs, milk and lard and it was not unusual for religious observers to partake of only one meal per day. Yet beer and pretzels were both allowed…

Pretzels and Beer

Easter Chocolate Eggs in Crate

German Easter Sweets are In!

German Easter Novelties are in stock — from filled eggs to chocolate bunnies, marzipan and more. Order early to ensure you get your favorites…

One Pot Wonders

Winter’s short days and dreary weather leave our bodies craving warmth. Gently simmered soups and stews from Germany are the perfect winter comfort food. Slow simmering is the secret to a perfectly-cooked pot of soup or stew, and it’s one of the most ancient forms of cooking.

Colorful Beef Stew

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