Ramps, Spring Salads and Saxony’s Culinary Traditions

Ramps Soup

Recipes with Ramps (Bärlauch)

For those who not already familiar with Wild Garlic, also called ramps or wild leeks (or in German Bärlauch), we compiled a number of popular recipes and links to specialty products containing Bärlauch (ramps). It’s the season for Ramps festivals from Baden Württemberg to West Viginia….

German Spring Salad Favorites

Wake up your taste buds and welcome spring and with fresh, nutritious salads full of crunchy greens, radishes, cucumbers, and herbs! The healthful properties of salads are hard to overstate: Leafy greens are rich sources of B vitamins; high-quality dressings slow down digestion, stabilize blood-sugar levels, and keep energy levels high…

Bavarian Radish Salad
Dresden Cityscape Elbe River

Saxony’s Cuisine and Culinary Culture

Saxony, Germany’s easternmost state, looks back on a long history which spans over 1000 years. Moving from a medieval duchy to the thriving federal state it is today, the state’s three major cities of Dresden, Leipzig and Chemnitz feature a trough of culinary treasures…

Passover Recipes and Culinary Primer

With the approach of Passover, we collected a few recipes from German Passover cookbooks that highlight the culinary roots of this paramount Jewish holiday. From the prohibition of “Gesäuertes” (leavened bread) to the role of eggs and lamb chops during Seder, Jewish culinary culture is thriving Berlin and all over Germany.

Passover Seder Meal
Plant Based Diet Foods

May 1: Maibaum Robbery and Walpurgisnacht

When April turns to May, in the wee hours of May 1, love, magic, eroticism, and fertility is celebrated in many parts of Central and Northern Europe. The most important events: Maibaum (May tree) robbery and witchcraft on Walpurgisnacht. Here is what happens…

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