The Holidays Begin! Halloween, Martinstag, Thanksgiving…

Pumpkin and Squash Recipes

Pumpkin and Squash Recipes

Pumpkin and squash are surely two of fall’s favorite foods. Their flesh is tasty, nutritious and makes a fantastic ingredient for soups, pies, grilled entrees, and more. Kürbis (pumpkin) and Moschus-Kürbis (butternut squash) are popular in North America, Germany, and throughout Europe. Choose from our collection of great tasting pumpkin and squash recipes to delight your palate this fall…

Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas from Germany

Many German dishes are a natural fit with the Thanksgiving meal, particularly those traditional to harvest season. So, if yours is one of those families whose Thanksgiving tradition allows a little play in the menu, try slipping one or two of these German favorites into the spread. Your guests will be grateful! And, isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about?..

Turkey Cupcakes

Christmas Dessert Table

Stock up on Christmas sweets and baking supplies!

Oblaten, cookies, Advent calendars, spices … all the Christmas essentials have arrived and are ready to ship. Everything you need to feast, bake, and entertain!…

Lanterns, Wekmänner, and Goose

After Halloween ends, German children have a second opportunity for collecting sweets and treats. On November 11 each year, thousands celebrate St Martin’s Day, especially in the predominantly catholic areas of the Rhineland and Southern Germany. German children, some with their parents, carry candle-lit lanterns and sing ‘lantern songs’ in celebration of the saint. The annual St. Martin’s Day procession is quite a sight…


German Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween, German Style

Over the past few decades, Halloween has become increasingly popular in Germany. While it is not be celebrated on such a grand scale as it is in the United States, German children still love it! They love dressing up in spooky or funny costumes and yell, “Süßes, oder es gibt was Saures!” Loosely translated, this phrase means, “Sweets, or there’ll be something sour!” …

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