What’s New: March Madness, Bockbier and Lenten Superfoods

Krauts n' Beets - Your Lenten Superfoods

Kool Kraut SaladSauerkraut and red beets, the Lenten Superfoods, are back in vogue, not just with health nuts, but also fast food fans and party animals in Germany and North America. Why? They are healthy, versatile, tasty, and require little preparation, especially when they are consumed in pickled form. More and more chefs and home cooks fuse sauerkraut or red beets into … Read More »

Bockbier: 'Liquid Bread' for Lent and Beyond

German Bock bierIf you can’t eat it, drink it. That’s the basic idea behind the Bock beers customarily consumed between March and May in Munich and other German cities. Bock beers such as Maibock, Doppelbock (Starkbier) or Triplebock are dark and sweet, with a taste somewhere between toasted bread, coffee, and caramel and provide the nutritional equivalent of a rye sandwich. They … Read More »

March Madness Menu Ideas

If March brings weeks of basketball mania to your household, prepare to feed the frenzy with a selection of quick and easy German fare. Try whole grain canapés with a variety of toppings. Serve German peanut flips (Erdnussflips) and pretzel sticklets (Salzstangen) with bite size pickles and red beets. This is a great flavor combination and healthy to boot, as … Read More »

Recipe Collections - Recipes Featuring Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut DonutsSauerkraut, Germany’s native superfood, is not only decidedly healthy but also a surprisingly versatile ingredient. You’ll find sauerkraut making an appearance in dishes ranging from soups, to donuts, to cake. Creamy Sauerkraut with Chives This side dish will complement roasted chicken or pan-fried pork chops, and also makes a tasty baked potato topping. Sauerkraut Potato Pizza with Cauliflower Crust Fresh … Read More »

What to Cook This Month

Spring Noodle Soup
Spring Noodle Soup with Fresh Peas & Prosciutto
Cambazola Strudel
Cambozola Strudel
Salad with Gorgonzo and Red Wine Jelly
Mixed Salad with Blue Cheese and Red Wine Jelly Mustard Vinaigrette
Pickled Beet and Sweet Onion Salad
Pickled Beet and Sweet Onion Salad

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