The Party’s On! Chocolate, Valentine’s and Karneval

Molten Chocolate Cake

Recipes for Chocolate Lovers

Let’s cut to the chase: when it comes to dessert, for some people only chocolate will do! Our chocolate lovers recipe collection features variations on that essential chocolate theme. …

Karneval (Fasching) – The Party is On!

The festivities of Karneval date back to the Middle Ages, and is the European relative of the Mardi Gras tradition of eating, drinking and merriment before the fasting season. After this festive celebration begin the solemn days of Lent. …

Karneval Gals

Berliner Donuts

Sweet Indulgence! Recipes for Karneval and Valentine’s Day

We’ve put together a collection of delightful German sweet comforts sure to keep you and your guests happy. Make one or two of these recipes as a special treat for that special person in your life on Valentine’s Day or for a crazy carnival crowd…..

Chocolate, What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Of the 1 billion dollars worth of confectionery and candy sold in the U.S. around Valentine’s Day, 75% comes from the sale of chocolate products. So, what’s the big deal about Schokolade, and what’s the connection between Valentine’s Day, love and chocolate?….

Assorted Chocolates

What to Cook Now

Egg Noodles from the Black Forest
Poppy Seed Black Forest Egg Noodles
Berlin Currywurst
Berliner Currywurst
Pumpkin Crostini
Pumpkin Crostini (Crostini mit Kürbisrelish)
Manner Wafer Chocolate Pudding
Chocolate Pudding with Fruit and Manner Wafer Cubes

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