What’s New in September: Oktoberfest, Pretzels, Rumtopf

All Hail to the Humble Pretzel, An Oktoberfest Classic

The Bavarian pretzel, a classic Oktoberfest snack, has come a long way since its modest origins in 610 A.D. when Italian monks made them from leftover bread-dough scraps. The most familiar and traditional version of the pretzel is that of the twisted knot meant to symbolize the arms folded in prayer. Once considered a European holy food with healing powers …more

Recipes for an Authentic Oktoberfest Party

The Munich Oktoberfest is on. Need help to set the mood for your own Oktoberfest party? With our recipe collections you can choose to host an authentic casual gathering or a dressed up elegant meal to celebrate the world’s largest party.  These recipes use genuine German ingredients, with options for quick-and-easy finger food to spectacular festive dishes. .…more

Marinated-fruit-in rumA Sweet Taste of Germany: Rumtopf and Rote Gruetze

Preserving summer’s bounty of berries and fruits is a favorite pastime in Germany as it is in North America. Marinate them in rum to make Rumtopf. Mash them to make Rote Gruetze. Create, or purchase, artful fruit jams, butters and jellies. In Germany, you’ll often find sweet spreads made from colder climate fruits, such as gooseberries (Stachelbeeren), European cranberries (Preiselbeeren), …more

What to Cook This Month

Chicken Breast Baked with Red Wine Jelly
Baked Chicken with Red Wine Jelly Mustard Sauce
Sesame Spaetzle Salad
Sesame Spaetzle Salad with Red Cabbage, Snow Peas and Sweet Bell Pepper
Grilled Meats
Grilled Meats and Veggies with Baked Potatoes
Mango Pepper Sausage Skewers
Sausage Skewers with Mango and Bell Pepper