What’s New in January: New Trends, Winter Fancy Food Show, Winter Recipes

Casual Game Day FareGame Day Buffet

Whenever friends and family gather ’round the tv for the big game, it’s is a perfect opportunity to introduce the crowd to unique and modern German flavors. Game Day entertaining need not be elaborate — super bowls of soups and stew, sandwiches, or a selection of German snack foods will do the trick. Here are some of our favorites, sure crowd pleasers no matter the sport — football, soccer, basketball or whatever. All are delicious party foods, and are great accompanied by authentic German craft brews (or sparkling mineral water for the designated driver)…more »

Winter Warming Soups Beer and Cheese Soup

Germans are great soup makers and find many opportunities to serve hot, steaming bowls of homemade soup. Vegetables, meat broths, sliced cold meats, sausages and creamy cheese, even sauerkraut and fruits can all form the basis of a good German soup. Germans have a wonderful variety of accompaniments for soup, as well – dumplings, pancakes shreds, noodles, croutons and toast. These winter soups offer a substantial meal to satisfy your hunger and ward off the cold. … more

Culinary Highlights , New Productssupermarket-international-aisle-chicago-2

Each year, about 700 new food and beverage products hit the shelves of North American supermarkets. Take a look at culinary discoveries and food innovations introduced at the leading industry trade shows in the US, Canada, Germany and Europe. Find and learn more about your favorite brands at our Product Gallery or new products featured on The Taste of Germany.com more »

Food Industry Newsfood-industry-news-5

The year 2017 may be full of surprises for food industry professionals on both sides of the Atlantic. Will the new Trump administration impose tariffs on all imported products, including foods? Will recently enacted regulations – the Food Safety Modernization Act, Nutrition Labeling, Menu Labeling, GMO Labeling etc. – be rolled back? What are the next fights between consumer advocates,  environmental advocates, lawmakers and regulators? We’ve compiled a list of the most important issues affecting all of us in the (Last Update: January 2017)… more »

The Taste Of Germany
The Taste Of GermanyJanuary 14

Superbowl is coming up. We created a Game Day food box to get the party started. With sausages, beer mug-shaped...

The Taste Of Germany Scrumptious Game Day recipes on www.germanfoods.org
James Dittmar Yummy would love some of that Super Bowl Sunday.......I would eat it everyday if I could
Erika Keka Schmidt Junker food! Trash no healthily at all
Scott Dinger Wie sagt man "yummy" auf deutsch?
Glen Foerster Yeah ? Can I get a 15 ltr of Kloster Kreuzberg shipped ?
Marianne Bundschuh-Flynn Bon Appetite!!
Ursula Knust Yummy 😋 🇩🇪
Nedžad Mehić Screw superbowl,but give me some German foods anyday..
Matt Mathis Germans don't care about the super bowl....!
Bridget Lige mmmh so yummy lecker , ich sehe ja auch Erdnussflipps, mmmh
Wylie Brown Yumyum
Frank Mullins Jr. I sure miss the food when I was there.
Brigitte Bowman Yummy
Jameson Rocho Tanya Rocho get on that. Lol.
JoAnn Wrezinski Yum.
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Tony Williams
Tanya Rocho Do you ship to Alaska?
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Daniel Willametz Dammmnnn
Lina Anita Pabst I wish I have it
Catalina Luna Delicioso de desayuno
Susan Gibbs Kelly Anderson Holiday?
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