Party in the Merry Month of May

Decorated May tree

Party in The Merry Month of May

It’s just as well that May has 31 days. There are plenty of German-style parties and festivities to explore, organize and attend in the merry month of May: Walpurgisnacht (Dance of the Witches), Tag der Arbeit (German Labor Day), Vatertag (German Father’s Day), Muttertag (Mother’s Day), of course, or Goth Festival, Dance around the Maypole, Maifest and so much more. Explore some of the German traditions …

Ingredients for a German-American Grillabend

It’s time for brats, burgers and beer. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, on Father’s Day and Independence Day, and most weekends in between, Grillmeisters the world over can put their latest grilling toys, tools and techniques to the test. The Grillabend or Grillfest is as popular in Germany as the Barbecue is in North America. Why not mingle the best of both worlds with authentic German ingredients…

Grilling Father and Son
Maytree Robbery

Spargelzeit! White Asparagus Season in Germany

As apples mark the Fall season, nothing epitomizes German springtime like the revered white stalks of Spargel (Asparagus)! While the green variety is more popular and available in North America, Germans prefer the white variety that is harvested from about mid-April to the end of June. It’s Spargelzeit, and celebrated with passion. Find recipes, travel tips and products here…

German Spring Salad Favorites

Wake up your taste buds and welcome spring and with fresh, nutritious salads full of crunchy greens, radishes, cucumbers, and herbs! The healthful properties of salads are hard to overstate: Leafy greens are rich sources of B vitamins; high-quality dressings slow down digestion, stabilize blood-sugar levels, and keep energy levels high.

German Herring Salad
Baden-Wuerttemberg Village

Baden-Württemberg, A Culinary Superlative

If you think Baden-Württemberg is all about cars and high tech, think again. The state produces an immense array of culinary superlatives. Here, you experience the “White Asparagus Road” in Spring, Black Forest cakes or hams in summer, superb wines in fall and one of many the 3-Michellin star restaurants in winter. Find out more…

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