Lenten Foods and Easter Recipes

Spring Herb Soup with Egg

German Easter Recipes

In Germany, as in other countries, the Easter season is marked by traditional dishes, cakes and confectionery. Here’s a collection of recipes for the most important days of Easter week, namely Maundy Thursday (Gründonnerstag), Good Friday (Karfreitag) and Easter Sunday (Ostersonntag)…..

Krauts and Beets, Your Lenten Superfoods

Sauerkraut and red beets, the Lenten Superfoods, are back in vogue, not just with health nuts, but also fast food fans and party animals in Germany and North America. They are healthy, versatile, tasty, and require little preparation, especially when they are consumed in pickled form…

Beet Salad with Greens

Easter Eggs Hanging on Pussy Willow

German Easter Traditions

German Easter traditions include many that we think of as universal — Easter eggs, Easter baskets filled with sweets, and, of course, the Easter bunny. In fact, some of these traditions likely originated in Germany, some date back to ancient times, and some have their roots in pagan celebrations…

Easter Sweets Are In!

There is a dizzying array of chocolate Easter eggs, marzipan novelties and other confectionery available for the Easter season, and we’ve gathered some of our favorites for sale in our online store…

Chocolate Easter Bunny

Lebkuchen Heart with Vegan

Eating Lighter for Spring and Beyond

Spring is a great time to think about eating lighter, by adding more salads, eating more vegetables, less meat, and fewer heavy sauces. In fact, many traditions schedule a fast or cleansing diet around the spring equinox to clear out winter’s remains and tune the our bodies for spring….

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