Bring it All Outside!

Food on the Grill

Recipes for a German Barbecue

What better way to welcome the upcoming days of summer than to move cooking with friends and family outdoors? The German word for this popular activity is Grillen and summer is definitely Grillparty season. These delicious recipes from Germany may give you fresh ideas for a German spin on your next barbecue….

Berlin Doner Kabab, the German Taco

There are no doner-kabab stands in Istanbul, because they’re a Berlin invention. In 1971, Kreuzberg resident Kadir Nurman turned the Turkish dish “Döner Kebap” into a handheld meal by wrapping it in flatbread. Since then, the doner-kabab has become just as much a part of the snack-stand scene as Currywurst. Berliners would probably never think of making doner-kababs in their own homes, but it’s relatively easy…

German Doner Kebabs

Strawberry Tartlets

Strawberry and Rhubarb Recipes

Late spring brings rhubarb stalks to market, and then fresh, ripe strawberries signal that summer’s on its way. Just at the crossover of the two seasons there’s a brief opportunity to combine those sweet berries and tart stalks into delicious and memorable desserts. Separately or together, these two favorites can yield sensational results — just in time for holiday picnics!..

Love is in the Air!

Do these German wedding foods signify the taste of love for you? German wedding feasts are likely to be sit-down dinners, with no dancing ’til after the last course is finished, and family and friends of the couple offering toasts and speeches, or poking light-hearted fun at bride and groom. Whatever the format, you’re likely to find these unique foods and drinks during weddings in the German-speaking world…

Wedding Couple

Recipes for Spargelzeit

Recipes for Spargelzeit

If it’s between about mid-April and late June in Germany, it’s Spargelzeit! It’s the time of the year when Germans go mad for the tender white spears of asparagus, enjoying them in myriad dishes. Get into the spirit! Celebrate Spring and Spargelzeit with these authentic German asparagus recipes. Asparagus recipes, Fresh for the Season!….

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