Time for Dad to Shine

Food on the Grill

Recipes for a German Barbecue

What better way to welcome the upcoming days of summer than to move cooking with friends and family outdoors? The German word for this popular activity is Grillen and summer is definitely Grillparty season. These delicious recipes from Germany may give you fresh ideas for a German spin on your next barbecue….

Ingredients for a German-American Grillabend

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, and most weekends in between, “Grillmeisters” all over can put their latest grilling toys, tools and techniques to the test. If you are looking for a culinary Father’s Day gift, gift box or picnic, take a look at the following imported products, all available at our online store or other stores in North America….

Dad Grilling

Fruit Crumble

German Cherry and Berry Recipes

Ranging from sweet to refreshingly tart in flavor, cherries and berries in all their great varieties are not just delicious but also very nutritious since they are packed with vitamins and minerals. What to do with the fruits you haven’t managed to eat right away? These recipes will bring out the best this summer’s berries and cherries…

German Street Food Faves

In Germany so-called street food is available year-round at snack food stands (Imbisshallen), food trucks, and at all the customary festivals such as Christmas Markets and Oktoberfest. The most popular street foods are considered ‘must-trys’ when traveling in Germany. Try one of these classics – we’ve got recipes for them all to make from scratch, and links to help you along with ‘shortcuts’ from our online store. …

Closeup of Currywurst

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