Fire Up the Grill!

issuing on the Grill

Grilling Season Has Begun

It’s time for brats, burgers and beer. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, on Father’s Day and Independence Day, and most weekends in between, “Grillmeisters” all over the world can put their latest grilling toys, tools and techniques to the test. The “Grillabend” or “Grillfest” is as popular in Germany as the Barbecue is in North America. Why not mingle the best of both worlds?…

Cherry and Berry Recipes

We’ve put together the perfect recipe collection to make the most out of the berry and cherry season. Ranging from sweet to refreshingly tart in flavor, cherries and berries in all their great varieties are not just delicious but also very nutritious since they are packed with vitamins and minerals….

Elderberry Soup
Grilled Meal

German Barbecue Recipes

What better way to enjoy the long, warm days of summer than to move cooking with friends and family outdoors? The German word for this popular activity is Grillen and summer is definitely Grillparty season. These delicious recipes from Germany may give you fresh ideas for a German spin on your next barbecue….

Spargelzeit! Asparagus Season in Germany

Nothing epitomizes spring in Germany like the revered white stalks of Spargel (Asparagus)! They’ve given this harvest season it’s own name — Spargelzeit, and celebrate it with passion. Rich in nutrients and very low in calories, asparagus has become a culinary status symbol for many Germans….

Spargelfest Green and White
Tea on the Beach

Get to Know Germany’s Rich Tea Culture

Germany may be known as a primarily beer or coffee drinking country. Yet, it also has a thriving tea culture. From black Ostfriesentee in the far northwest of the country to Kräutertee in the rest of the country. Here is a snapshot of the main facts on German tea….

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