What’s New: Strawberries, Rhubarb, Döner, and Currywurst

Strawberry and Rhubarb Recipes

Strawberry TartletsLate spring brings rhubarb stalks to the markets, and fresh, ripe strawberries signal that summer’s on its way. Just at the crossover of the two seasons there’s a brief opportunity to combine the sweet berries and tart stalks into delicious and memorable desserts. If you are looking for a true culinary revelation, this combination can yield sensational results — just … Read More »

Berlin Currywurst

The story goes that this über-popular German street food is the result of culinary improvisation in struggling post-war Berlin. It’s said that the owner of a small food kiosk, Herta Heuwer, traded some spirits for curry powder and ketchup from British soldiers, and after some inspired mixology, poured the flavored sauce over grilled Bratwurst served on a bun. Others claim … Read More »

Berlin Doner Kabab, the German Taco

Much like America has adopted the Mexican Taco, Germany has adopted Turkey’s Döner Kebab and made it its own! German Döner contain a shredded meat mixture with sauce and chopped veggies, wrapped in a warm pita. The Döner is Germany’s multicultural portable food trend. Like the taco, once you eat it, it will have you captivated by its delicious flavor! … Read More »

Barbecue, a U.S. Tradition with German Roots

Have you ever thought about the origins of the traditional “all-American” barbecue foods? You may be surprised to know that many foods Americans associate with tailgates, picnics and barbecues actually originated in Germany! In the following article we will discuss in-depth some of the most beloved BBQ foods in America and Germany! Hamburger While the history of the hamburger is … Read More »

What to Cook This Month

Strawberry Crepes
Strawberry Crêpes
Spring Noodle Soup
Spring Noodle Soup with Fresh Peas & Prosciutto
Asparagus Ham Cream Noodles
Asparagus-Ham Cream with Ribbon Noodles
German Inspired Reuben
German-Inspired Reuben Sandwich

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