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July 28, 2015 Posted in Flavor Trends, German Food Blog

The sixth taste: fat

“Wir essen, was schmeckt” (we eat what tastes good), as determined by the nerve cells in the mouth (flavor) and the nose (aroma). While the nose is able to pick up thousands of aromas, the mouth only feels sweet, sour, bitter, salty and savory (umami) – so we thought. New research suggests there’s a sixth taste profile: oleogustus. In other … Continue reading “The sixth taste: fat”

December 31, 2014 Posted in Flavor Trends, German Food Blog

2015 Trend: Changing Palates, New Flavors

Every 8 seconds, a child is born, while every 11 seconds a person dies in the United States. Just in 2014, the US population grew by 2.5 million people (including immigration) to reach 320 million. Different kinds of family structures have evolved, the average household size decreased over the years, „Millenials and Generation Z“ (the marketers terms for young folks … Continue reading “2015 Trend: Changing Palates, New Flavors”

March 12, 2012 Posted in Flavor Trends, German Food Blog

Chocolate tastes best when it’s the last piece

The last piece of chocolate on a plate tastes the best. That is the result of a test by researchers from the University of Michigan who asked 52 students to evaluate the taste of five unmarked chocolate bars they had to pick from a bag. The researcher then told half of this group just before the fifth pick that this … Continue reading “Chocolate tastes best when it’s the last piece”