The Merry Month of May

Mix of Green and White Asparagus with Ham

It’s Spargelzeit! In Germany, white asparagus is Spring’s culinary status symbol, everyone goes nuts for asparagus recipes — and we’ve got five new unusual asparagus recipes to try, along with a host of tried and true traditionals. Or, plan a trip along Germany’s Asparagus Road, while you read about how white asparagus differs from green, and why the ancient Greeks and Romans deemed asparagus an aphrodisiac.

Okay, so possibly they were under the influence of all that asparagus, but why would 70 Bavarian young men meet in middle of the night to steal Munich’s new permanent Maytree? The tradition of Maypole robbery is a centuries-old. Read more about this romantic tradition and what bribe you need to pay to get your maypole back.

May is as much a month for German folk fests as October, with May Fest, Mother’s Day, Maibock beer, the special May punch Maibowle, and more. Nature sets this busy agenda, with plant life generally bursting into bloom and the first spring crops coming in.

And then we have Memorial Day — the unofficial start of barbecue season. To prepare for the season, it may be time to clear up our thinking about mustard. There’s more to mustard than the bright ballpark yellow! The truth is, there are hundreds of kinds of mustard in the world. Educate yourself now!

And don’t forget to honor Mom on her day. Perhaps our selection of brunch recipes may be of help?