Get the Facts! Learn More About German Foods

Guide to German Food and Beverages

Many authentic and unique foods and beverages from Germany are available here in North America. Our Guide to German Foods and Beverages will help you learn about their variety.

Meals and Manners

What Germans eat at mealtime and snack-time, and the customs for behavior when eating out or at home.

What’s On the Menu

Ready yourself for eating in Germany with this selection of traditional dishes you’re likely to find on the menu in Germany, in German and English with explanations.

Glossary of Food Words

Ready to brush up on your culinary German, just curious, or preparing for that trip? Browse through our glossary of words related to food, cooking, and eating out.

Celebrations and Holidays

Nobody celebrates like the Germans! Germany has a festival for nearly every occasion and every time of year. Here’s a brief glimpse of Germany’s better-known festivals, celebrations and holidays and the foods that mark them. Also check our listing of German Oktoberfest and Christmas Market events in the US and Canada

Germany’s Food Regions & Regional Specialties

Diverse geography and history within Germany’s regions have given rise to diverse and delicious local foods and specialties.


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