Barbecue – A German and American Passion

Common Barbecue Attitudes


Surely there are cultural differences between Germans and Americans, but not when it comes to the barbecue. Grillen (grilling, or bbq) is equally popular on both sides of the Atlantic.

    1. Over 80% of Germans stated in a recent study, that it’s one of their favorite outdoor activities. 82% of North Americans feel the same.


  • On average, Germans barbecue 13 times a year, compared to an average of 27 times in North America. This German’s lower rate is most likely due to the relative cooler and wetter German weather.



  • 78% of German households own some kind of grill compared to 82% of Northern Americans households. Germans prefer charcoal grills, but most Americans prefer gas grills. 19% of German households own an electric grill. Electric grills are present in 19% of German households, while they comprise only 2% market share in North America.



  • The gender bias is equally present on both sides of the Atlantic: in over 70% of both German and North American households, men have control over the barbecue tongs, while two-thirds of German and North American women do most of the prep work and take care of side dishes, salads, breads and dips.


(Sources: Lidl-Grillstudie 2012, Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) Survey 2011)

The newest grilling trend in America: charcoal grilling is on the rise. While 47% of households owned a charcoal grill in 2004, the number increased to 51% in 2013. During the same time, ownership of gas grill decreased from 70% to 63%. Fourth of July is still the most popular day for outdoor grilling. 86% of US households claimed to grill on that day. Other favorite times include Labor Day (75%), Birthdays (72%), Memorial Day (68%), and Father’s Day (48%).

Campers do the most grilling (44%).

Besides the backyard or roof deck, most Americans like to grill during camping (44%), in public parks (37%), at the beach (23%), and at tailgate parties (22%).

Source: Weber GillWatch survey in Washington Post, July 13, 2013


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