Inspirations for Mother’s Day Celebration

When her mother died on May 8, 1905,  grief-stricken Anna Jarvis (1864-1948) from West Virginia felt the need, to honor all mothers, not just after they are dead, but also during during their lifetime.  First she turned to her priest with the request to add a passage about the importance of mothers for society to his sermon. Then she followed up with letters to members of Congress and influential celebrities. She hired an ad agency who brought her message with the slogans: ” Create a holiday for mothers! Memorialize these women” to the public. She was successful: two years later, the second Sunday in May became known as Mother’ Day in some states and regions and in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed the holiday into law.

Germans adopted Muttertag (Mother’s Day) on the second Sunday in May in 1923. Here, this homage to motherhood began rather unceremoniously as a marketing campaign of the Verband Deutscher Blumengeschäftsinhaber (Association of German Flower Shop Owners).

Schoko_massageTrendy Gifts Ideas:

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Floating: Experience total loss of gravity and float in a tub of highly salted water. A completely de-stressing activity.

Hot Chocolate Massage: The new hit among massage therapies. Cocoa Butter and strong hands do wonder for stressed out skin.

“Whodunnit” Dinners: While you munch on delicious fare, actors, waiters and cooks solve a murder mystery around you. Quite an entertainment for young and old mothers.

Dinner in the Dark: The latest dining trend in trendy cities like Berlin, San Francisco or London. After a glass of champagne in the lighted foyer, you will be led into a pitch-black room and seated at your table. You cannot see what’s in front of you. Just smell, taste, feel. Your senses will focus on the food and possibly the neighbor next to you, that’s all. Let your palate do the rest.

Geocaching: A modern day treasure hunt, using exact GPS coordinates and a smart phone app. It may be fun to take mom out for a hunt, either in the citiy she knows best, or in a completely new place around the world. Tons of German cities offer geocaching.

One healthy breakfast_edited-1Culinary Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 

Authentic German foods, available on





pudding_LowResRecipes and Meal Ideas


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Culinary Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Perfect gifts of authentic German foods to share with Mom and the family.

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