Guide to German Bread and Cereals

Bread is one of the most important part of the German diet. It’s a staple food at breakfast (Frühstück), break-time (Pausenbrot or Brotzeit) and supper (Abendessen). If you took the effort to travel all across the country, you would be able to enjoy more than 300 bread varieties and over 1,200 different bread rolls and baked goods in Germany. And you won’t have to look hard to find somewhere to buy bread. Artisanal and chain bakeries (Bäckereien) are on every street in every village town and city in Germany.

German bread varieties differ according to the cereals used – rye, spelt, or wheat – the ratio at which these bread grains are mixed, the type of cereal products as well as special ingredients and production methods. They can be divided into four categories: rye, wheat, whole meal and specialty breads containing other cereals such as spelt. To make your own German-style breads, see our collection of recipes here.

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