German Christmas Resource Guide

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All the joys of Christmas that are captured in German traditions, from fabulous cookies, cakes, stollen and lebkuchen, to roast goose, Christmas Markets, and more…

Christmas Ornament

Ten Beloved German Christmas Traditions

Although the Christmas season has become incredibly commercialized, it’s worth remembering the German Christmas traditions of our childhood which made the season mysterious and wonderful, and so that they may continue to do so today…

Traditional German Christmas Cookies Recipes

What would the Christmas season be without scrumptious homemade cookies? Fragrant bouquets of cinnamon, ginger, anise, and chocolate wafting through the house! Rich Christmas cookies are one of the archetypical German culinary traditions, and those fabulous smells are found in homes and outdoor Christmas markets in November and December…

Glazed Lebkuchen Rounds

Christmas Goose Dinner

Recipes for Christmas Day

Roast goose frequently appears on menus all over Germany and is especially popular during the Christmas holiday season. Its dark, delicious and tender meat cooks to a light crispiness on the outside while the rich skin bastes the meat naturally…

Christmas Markets in North America

In November and December, German-themed Christmas Markets are a delightful addition our holiday experience, a bit of traditional holiday celebration to share with all the family. A visit to an authentic Christmas market is sure to engage all your senses and get your body, mind and soul ready for the holidays…

Washington, DC Downtown Holiday Market

Chocolate Santas

German Christmas Products

These brands bring chocolate santas, marizpan delicacies, stollen, and other iconic Christmas novelties…

Holiday Baking Traditions

The holiday season is peak season for home bakers to practice their skills. Christmas cookies are a fun way to get started, even for people with no baking experience. The recipes are usually fairly simple and straightforward, requiring only pantry staples and a few special seasonal ingredients. We’ve also included a few recipes that are definitely for the experienced baker!

Christmas Baked Sweets