Kosher Restaurants in Germany

A Kosher Passover MealCooking according to the kashrut means a bit more effort with shopping and preparations and control of the Maschgiach, the kosher inspector. This can be rather expensive, although the restaurants in Germany’s Jewish community centers, which operate as non-profit, can afford to be strictly kosher. Nevertheless, you can find kosher-style restaurants in many German cities or metropolitan centers, following some kashrut procedures, such as separating dairy from meat products and avoiding any meat from pigs.

Alcohol According to Kashrut

German wine is the most complicated beverage to certify as kosher. All processing steps have to follow the rules of Halacha, including the pouring of wine in restaurants by Jewish waiters. If wine was pasteurized by heating, however, it’s considered kosher, even if served by non-Jewish waiters. German beer, however, is no problem at all. Due to the purity laws of the 16th century, this malt beverage is considered kosher all together (except at the Passover dinner). Here is a list of well-known Kosher Restaurants in Germany (adapted from the Rozsika Farkas, Central Council of Jews In Germany):


Berlin is the bustling and cosmopolitan capital of Germany, home to the country’s largest Jewish community. Here one will find a wide range of diverse restaurants where it is possible to taste delicious kosher food to one’s heart content.

Beth Café located at the Jewish community center
Tucholskystr. 40, 10117 Berlin

Bleiberg’s Nürnberger Str. 45 a 10789 Berlin

Melzer and Mogg. They offer non-kosher New York Jewish deli specialties, like pastrami sandwiches, and trijfendes (non-kosher) pulled pork, in the Jüdische Mädchenschule a former Jewish Girls School. Auguststr. 11-13, 10117 Berlin

Feinberg’ s
Fugger Strasse 37 , 10777 Berlin- Schöneberg

Abend Grill Restaurant in der Zentrale Orthodoxe Synagoge
Joachimsthalerstrasse 13 , 10719 Berlin- Charlottenburg

Münstersche Straße 6 , 10709 Berlin- Wilmersdorf


Restaurant Einstein is located in the Jewish Community Center and is a great place to have a Schabbesmahl with the Rabbi on Saturdays.
St.-Jakobs-Platz 18, 80331 München

Eclipse Grill Bar, an authentic Israeli Grill Bar, offers chopped liver and matzoh ball soup
Heßstraße 51, 80798 München


Sohar’s is located in Frankfurt Westend and serves chopped eggs, filleted fish, Hummus, Falafel, Burgundy Roast and Hamburgers.
Savignystrasse 66, 60325 Frankfurt am Main


Restaurant Matzen can be found in the newly build synagogue, where Chef Aleksander Chraga offers the best of East European cuisine.
Erich Mendel Platz 1
44781 Bochum


Shalom Chef Uwe Dziuballa
Heinrich-Zille Str.15, 09111 Chemnitz


Die Kurve
Goebenstraße 18, 40477 Düsseldorf


Café Negev, located at the Bergische Synagoge.

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