Lanterns glowing, children are out for a special treat in November

In the post-Halloween season, German children have another opportunity to do a little more “trick or treating” of sorts. On November 11 each year, thousands of young and old celebrate St Martin’s Day, especially in the predominantly catholic areas of the Rhineland and Southern Germany.

The annual St. Martin’s Day procession of lantern-carrying children is quite a sight. The children are usually below the age of ten, and accompanied by grownups. The largest procession takes place in Kempen, northwest of Cologne, with 4,000 people marching behind a Roman soldier on a white horse. See some of the elaborate lanterns in this video of the 2011
Kempen lantern procession

For those with some German language skills, click here for instructions to make you own lantern.

Here are lantern-making tips in English

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