All About Oktoberfest

Munich Oktoberfest Beer HallFrom Oktoberfest history to recipes, from Oktoberfest party guides to the Chicken Dance, we have the resources to help you celebrate this iconic fall holiday.

If you can’t visit the Munich Oktoberfest, look here for a list of Oktoberfest celebrations in North America. And, if you’d like to put on your own Oktoberfest party, our Oktoberfest resource guide will help you stage your own private Oktoberfest party, including ideas for what to serve and where to buy authentic German foods and beverages.


Oktoberfest Party FoodA Guide to Staging your own Oktoberfest Party

Kick of the Fall holiday season with an Oktoberfest-themed party. Invite who you want, when you want. Stay up late or party til dawn. It’s your take on the world’s largest party!

Oktoberfest FeastRecipes for an Authentic German Oktoberfest

Host an authentic casual gathering or a dressed up elegant meal to celebrate Oktoberfest. These recipes use genuine German ingredients, with options from quick-and-easy finger food to spectacular festive dishes.

OktoberfestBuy Oktoberfest Party Decorations and Foods

If you can’t splurge on plane tickets to Germany, consider staging Oktoberfest at home with these ideas and recipes. Whether it’s no-frills or fabulous, this celebration can perfectly capture the essence of fall.

Iconic Oktoberfest FoodsThe Top Oktoberfest Brands and Products

Besides beer, you gotta serve some authentic German ingredients and foods at your party. Here’s a list of the must have brands and products available online, at specialty food stores or at the German aisle of major grocery food stores.

Raising the Beer MugsGuide to German Beer

The essential element of any Oktoberfest celebration – German beer. Read our guide to legendary brews from Germany.

Courtesy of Fredericksburg OktoberfestOktoberfest Events in North America

Fortunately, for those of us who can’t make it to the Munich Oktoberfest, there are hundreds of Oktoberfest events across North America — from New York to Vancouver — celebrating German Gemütlichkeit, food and beverages. Oktoberfest celebrations in North America are more popular than ever. Find one near you in our guide to Oktoberfests in the United States and Canada.


Munich OktoberfestThe Official Munich Oktoberfest Page

Visit the official page of the Munich Oktoberfest to find interesting facts and figures about the world’s largest party!

Oktoberfest MaedchenOktoberfest – A Brief History of the World’s Largest Party

What’s so Cool About Oktoberfest? Learn about the origins, traditions and current events of and at the Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest Chicken roasting on the spitOktoberfest Brathendl and the Chicken Dance

With it’s signature crispy brown, herb-and-spice infused skin, and tender juicy white meat, Brathendl, or chicken roasted on the spit, is one of the most popular meals at the Munich Oktoberfest. This Oktoberfest roast chicken is usually accompanied by a giant pretzel, red radish … and the Oktoberfest Chicken Dance.

Oktoberfest PretzelAll Hail The Humble Pretzel — An Oktoberfest Classic

Especially popular in Southern Germany, the Brezel as it is known in this region, is a familiar sight at the annual Munich Oktoberfest. Learn more about this popular salty snack.