Popular Bavarian Bockbier Brands


Bockbiers are traditionally consumed in spring, from about March to May, and have a long association with Lent. Bock beers range in color from light colored wheat bock to dark amber doppelbock,with a flavor profile containing notes of toasted bread, coffee, cloves or caramel. Bockbier pairs well with cheese, chocolate, spicy Asian foods, and roasted meats. They should be served cool at about 40 or 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Following is a comprehensive list of Bavaria’s Bockbier brands, with information about the Stammwürze (original wort) and Alkohol (alcohol content) of each. This list was researched in April 2013 and is ordered by city or town in Bavaria.

  • Andechs Andechser Doppelbock made by the Klosterbrauerei Andechs. 18.5% Stammwürze, 7.1% Alkohol. Beer Advocate Rating: 96 – “World Class”
  • Augsburg Speziator Starkbier, Brauhaus S. Riegele, 19.1% Stammwürze, 7.5% Alkohol., pairs best with cheese as digestive after-dinner drink
  • Aying Celebrator Doppelbock, made by Privatbrauerei Franz Inselkammer KG, Beer Advocate rating: 97 – ‘World Class”, bottom-fermented, 18.5% Stammwürze, 6.7% Alkohol. This beer is hearty, malty and almost black in color. The same brewery also makes Ayinger Weizenbock wheat beer, with 16.5% wort and 7.1% alc., with a light, refreshing sting and banana aroma.
  • Bad Reichenhall Suffikator, made by Bürgerbräu Röhm & Söhne, 18.3% Stammwürze, 7.3% Alkohol. The name derives from the German word süffig (light, sweet, pleasant)
  • Bamberg Bambergator Starkbier, made by the Brauerei Fäßla. Dark-brown in color and vollmundig(full-bodied). 21% Stammwürze, 8.5% Alkohol.
  • Erding Erdinger Pikantus Dunkler Weizenbock, made by Erdinger Bräu, 16.9% Stammwürze, 7.3% Alkohol. The dark bock beer owes its sharp and full flavor to the use of selected dark wheat and barley malts and a significantly longer maturing process. In contrast to many bock beers, Erdinger Weissbier Pikantus ‘dark bock beer’ does not taste too sweet.
  • Fürstenfeldbruck Kaltenberger Ritterbock, a Triplebock, made by König Ludwig Schlossbrauerei Kaltenberg GmbH & Co. KG. With 21% Stammwürze, and 9% Alkohol one of the strongest bockbeers available. The heritage of this brewery traces back to the royal family of Bavaria, the House of Wittelsbach.
  • Günzburg (in Western Bavaria, close to Legoland), Rariator – Starkbier, originally made by Münz Bräu,which is no longer in business. The brand be owned by König Ludwig Schlossbrauerei Kaltenberg GmbH & Co. KG.
  • Ingolstadt , Honorator –Starkbier, no longer in existence, former brewer Ingobräu went out of business, brand is now owned by Herrnbräu GmbH & Co. KG
  • Kulmbach Kulmbacher Eisbock – Eisbock – made by EKU Actienbrauerei. 21% Stammwürze, 9.2% Alkohol. One of the strongest Bockbeers, made by freezing the Doppelbock and extracting water, so that the alcohol content rises. The Bavarian dialect for Eisbock is Gfrorns(something frozen). The same brewery also makes and manages the beer brands EKU, Mönchshof and Kapuziner. EKU 28 is a Doppelbock with 28% Stammwürze and 11% Alkohol.
  • Munich Maibock (Urbock), a Bockbier made by Hofbräu München was created in 1614. 7.2% Alkohol
  • Munich Salvator, made by Paulaner-Brauerei, 18.3% Stammwürze, 7.9% Alkohol. Stong, malty character.
  • Munich Triumphator, made by Löwenbräu / Spaten-Brauerei; 18.2 Stammwürze, 7.6% Alkohol.
  • Munich Maximator Doppelbock, made by Augustiner-Brauerei, 7.5% Alkohol.
  • Munich Aviator Doppelbock, made by Ärbräu, a brewery owned and run by the Munich Airport Authority
  • Munich Animator, by Hacker-Pschorr Bräu; 19.3% Stammwürze. 8.1% Alkohol.
  • Munich Aventinus, Wheat Doppelbock, Schneider Bräu; 18.5% Stammwürze, 8.2% Alkohol
  • Munich Giesinger Sternhagel, a Wheat Triple Bock by Giesinger Bräu. This is a very young brewery with a unique beer. 9.5% Alkohol.
  • Nürnberg Bajuvator, Brauerei Tucher (part of the Radeberger Gruppe) Doppelbock
  • Kißlegg/Allgäu Maskulator Doppelbock Edelweißbrauerei Farny 7.5% Alkohol
  • München St. Jakobus Blonder Bock, Blond Starkbier, Forschungsbrauerei Jakobus, 19.5% Stammwürze, 7.5% Alkohol. A light colored Bockbier.
  • Pfaffenhofen Bavariator by Müllerbräu, 18% Stammwürze, 7% Alkohol
  • Rosenheim Flötzinger Josefi-Bock, Maibock, and Weihnachtsbock, by Flötzinger Bräu 18% Stammwürze 7.5% Alkohol.
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber Rhönator Doppelbock by Rother-Bräu. 7.6% Alkohol
  • Rotthalmünster Spekulator Doppelbock by Weissbräu Jodlbauer GmbH 19.8% Stammwürze, 6.0% Alkohol
  • Sachsenkam Reutberger Josefi-Bock Doppelbock, Klosterbrauerei Reutberg 17% Stammwürze, 6.9% Alkohol
  • Freising Vitus Weizenbock by Staatliche Brauerei Weihenstephan. Voted best beer of the world 2011, Gold Medal World Beer Cup 2012 16.5% Stammwürze, 7.7% Alkohol and KorbinianDoppelbock 18.3% Stammwürze, 7.4% Alkohol.
  • Weltenburg (southwest of Regensburg), Asam-Bock by Klosterbrauerei Weltenburg

Other Bockbeers include:

Aloisiator – Brauerei Alois Gäßl KG, Pfarrkirchen

Apostulator – Eichbaum Brauerei , Mannheim

Cervator – Hirschbraueei A. Welzhofer, Günzburg

Coronator – Brauerei Zur Krone, Tettnang

Equator – Rößlebrauerei Alois Hempfer KG, Laupheim

Fuchsikator – Brauerei Josef Fuchsbüchler, Palling

Hofator – Hofer Bierbrauerei AG Deiningen-Kronenbräu, Hof

Impulsator – Privatbrauerei M. C. Wieninger GmbH & Co. KG, Teisendorf

Josefator – Brauerei Josef Bachmayer´s Nachf. GmbH & Co., Dorfen

Jubilator – Schloßbrauerei Maxlrain, Tuntenhausen

Operator – Schloßbrauerei Odelzhausen, Odelzhausen

Palmator – Brauerei Heinrich Prößl, Pettendorf

Pfaffenator – Brauerei K. Stöttner, Mallersdorf

Poculator – Patrizier Bräu, Nürnberg

Steinator – Schloßbraueei Stei-Wiskott GmbH, Bad Reichenhall

Suffikator – Bürgerbräu Röhm & Söhne, Bad Reichenhall

Sympathor – Postbräu, Thannhausen

Unimator – Unionsbräu Haidhausen, München

Delicator – Staatliche Hofbräu München (ceased production)

Rariator – Münzbräu, Günzburg (ceased production)


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