Summer Cake Madness

Strawberry Cake with Coffee on a Plate

Let Freedom Ring! Enjoy a sweet moment this 4th of July and put the cherry on top of an all American meal with a delightful German cake. It is a great opportunity to celebrate the contributions of Germans in the fight for American independence. Prepare an epic patriotic menu featuring these classic German summer cakes that will totally stand out.

Whipped Cream Please!

Bee Sting CakeThe Bienenstich, or bee sting cake, hails from the Bayern region of Munich in Germany. This detectable pastry consists of two layers of sweetened yeast dough, filled with a butter cream and topped with caramelized almonds and honey. The name of “Bee Sting” is said to have come from the baker who was stung by a bee while baking. Similar to a cream puff, this dessert is a wonderful addition to any summer barbecue, and a sweet way to celebrate the Fourth of July! Save time with a wonderful baking mix of Bientisch.

Simple yet Delectable

A Stack of Butter Cake

Bremer Butterkuchen (butter cake) is a German classic favorite. As the name implies, this delectable treat comes from Bremen, in the northern region of Germany. Despite its relatively simple composition, this dessert has become a staple throughout Germany over the years. The German tradition of Kaffee and Kuchen (coffee and cake) has definitely welcomed this simple confection as a complement to any tea or coffee drink. This treat is an easy addition for your summer entertainments, and one that will be enjoyed by all!

A Beloved Classic

StreuselkuchenThe recipe for Streuselkuchen (streusel cake) comes from Silesia, now a part of western Poland. This sweet treat is made of a simple dough bottom, layered with a topping of choice then covered with streusel for a nice texture. Streusel is the German equivalent of crumble, consisting of flour, sugar, and butter. In fact, this dessert can kindle a nostalgic response, bringing you back to Oma’s kitchen. Think cherry pie, but on the next level! Convenience yourself with a new Cherry Streuselkuchen baking mix.

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