The Summer Scoop

Klavier EistorteWith the increasing temperatures, like in humid Washington, D.C. where we are headquartered, nothing cools down better than a smooth, creamy, and cold bowl of ice cream. Have you ever tried Fürst Pückler Ice Cream Torte (with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavors)? Or marzipan ice cream? You can’t buy them in the store, but they can easily be made at home. Homemade ice cream creations are much cooler than store-bought  (pun intended). We are celebrating National Ice Cream Month with flavorful homemade recipes,  fun facts and ideas of how to add a German flare to your American creation. Plus, we list the best rated ice cream stores (gelaterias) in North America and Germany, if you’re looking for the professional touch.

Flavor Innovations

Up until now, who would have imagined new enticing flavors like tomato or candied sweet potato ice cream? The gourmet mentality of creating innovative foods has spread to all types of dishes—even ice cream! “You’re seeing the same kinds of trends in ice cream…people are willing to experiment”, stated International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) spokeswoman Peggy Armstrong.

You can add a touch of German to any flavor by mixing in German candies or chocolates, or by serving ice cream with German cakes. So many possibilities! Join the celebration of National Ice Cream Month with our homemade ice cream recipe collection, featuring German favorites, such as marzipan, pumpernickel, and Nutella!

National Ice Cream Month

In the midst of heated politics, President Ronald Reagan designated July as the National Ice Cream Month thirty one years ago. There is even a National Ice Cream Day, which falls on the third Sunday of the month. What a political win!

Scoop Shops

The best ice cream shops in America range from California to Florida. For a list of the top 10 shops, click here. Germany has many Eiscafes (ice cream shops) that are booming in the summer time. The best German shops to stop at are these.



Our Recipe Collections – Screaming For Ice Cream provides ice cream flavor ideas: both traditional and innovative.