Swabia versus Baden – A Rivalry with Local Roots

sport_soccer_LowResWith the start of the soccer world championship, you may want to pay close attention to Team Germany vs. Team USA. It’s not just a continental athletic competition, but also a distinct regional rivalry between German coach Joachim Löw, who hails from the Baden (Black Forest region), and USA coach Jürgen Klinsmann, who hails from Schwaben (the Swabian region around Stuttgart). We’re taking a closer look from a culinary angle of this head-to-head match up.

Which culinary area will reign supreme? Schwäbisch or Badisch (Swabia or Black Forest-Baden)

Classic specialties fueled the two coaches to achieve their leading positions.

The cuisine in the Baden area of Baden Württemberg (Badische Küche) is heavily influenced by the French haute cuisine. No wonder, as the area borders Alsace-Lorraine, a hotspot of culinary excellence.  Coach Löw enjoyed many of the following dishes growing up:

Swabian cuisine is said to be more down-to-earth, rural fare. Although many or most indigenous dishes overlap, Klinsmann may have enjoyed slightly different fare in his childhood:

All in all,  as Germany’s 3rd most populous state,  Baden Württemberg boasts a quarter of the 190 plus Michelin star restaurants in the country.

Baden Württemberg – A Culinary Superlative
More Recipes from Baden-Wuerttemberg
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Tor! Tor! Tor!

Whether you are rooting for the Germans or the Americans during this summer’s World Cup, you can equally serve up traditional and tasty cuisine from the region of the Black Forest, while watching the matches, to appeal to both coach’s heritage. Combine soup, side, and dessert specialties with traditional grilled meats for a soccer-themed Swabian barbecue. Popular summer menu items include Brägele, Bubespitzle, and Badische Zwetschgenkuchen, just to name a few.

An ice-cold beer can help quench any soccer fan’s thirst. We provide recommendations from the most popular German breweries of the best light beers for summer. So why not celebrate like a German with a proper German meal and revitalizing German beer this soccer season. May the best region win!


The head coach of the Germans, Joachim Löw, has been leading the German team since 2006. He was born in Schönau, Baden-Württemberg, a quaint town near Heidelberg in the Black Forest region of Germany. Meanwhile, on the American side is Jürgen Klinsmann, the German head coach of the USA soccer team, who is also from the state of Baden-Württemberg. Klinsmann was born in Göppingen, east of Stuttgart.

The German team victoriously soared through the qualifiers, proving to be undefeated in Group C against Sweden, the Republic of Ireland, Faroe Islands, Austria, and Kazakhstan. They led with strong offensive techniques, which have placed them as one of the favorites to take the lead in Brazil. Following the qualifiers, Germany has been placed in Group G along with Portugal, Ghana, and the USA. The Germans have high hopes as the World Cup approaches.

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Contributing Editor: Anna Drescher