Sweet Summer Fruit Ideas from Germany

With their refreshing tart and sweet flavors and their high vitamin and mineral content, berries are the perfect summer snack. And July is the perfect month to capture that heady burst of summer flavor in desserts made with fresh berries, fruit, and classic German preserves, jams and jellies.

This is the month when the colorful bounty of summer fruits and berries comes in, and spectacular fruit tarts and pies appear at every turn. Germans and Americans alike share a fondness for desserts made with fresh summer fruits, and we have a great assortment, such as plum cake, Black Forest cake, forest berry tiramisu and apple pastry with rosehip cream.

Bake to your heart’s content! We have an excellent guide to the panoply of Guide to German Jams and Honey, and a wealth of German recipes featuring summer’s fruit and berries.

But of course, you can make leckere Kuchen (delicious cakes) with some of the unique German fruit spreads bearing the names Marmelade (not your British orange preserve, but the German word for jam or jelly), Konfitüre (jam), Mus (mousse) or Gelee (jelly). Look for products such as Maintal Hagebutten Marmelade (rosehip jam), Heidelbeer Konfitüre (blueberry preserves) and Favorit red cherry preserves, available in the German section of supermarkets, specialty food stores.

If you cannot find these products or brands in your local grocery or specialty food store, you can purchase them from our online store.