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Explore the most comprehensive list of Germany’s fine foods and beverage brands available in North America, carefully screened by German Foods and sorted by category and region. Our list covers close to 200 German, Austrian and Swiss food manufacturers, almost all of them small to midsize companies. Many are family-owned companies who have been in business for more than a hundred years. They are quality leaders in their categories who invest in innovation and technology, and export hundreds of brands and products to the US and Canada. Of course, the competition for shelf space in large supermarkets is fierce, so distribution of these products on the continent is limited. (To find German foods near you, we have listed hundreds of grocery stores and German restaurants by state.)

We do our best to keep the Product Gallery up to date, but cannot guarantee that all brands or products are available year-round. If you notice something missing from our list, please send a mail to [email protected] or call 1-800-881-6419 and we’ll try to identify the importer or distributor of that product.


pgicon baking

Baking Aids and Mixes

German bread and cake mixes and baking aids available in the US and Canada...

pgicon breads

Breads & Cereals

German breads from pumpernickel to vollkorn, pretzels, muesli and other cereal brands imported from Germany...

pgicon cookies

Cakes, Cookies

Traditional recipes and premium ingredients deliver the extraordinary flavor of German cakes and cookies from classic brands...

pgicon cheese

Cheese & Dairy

Fine cheese and dairy brands from Germany's rich pasturelands, available in North America...

pgicon chocolates

Chocolates, Confectionary

Premium chocolates and candies, with quality ingredients and exquisite flavor...

pgicon condiments

Condiments, Salad Dressings, Sauces and Seasonings

Mustard, ketchup, vinegar, horseradish, sauces and dressings and more from top German brands...

pgicon fish

Fish & Fish Products

Pickled, smoked and cured fish and seafood products from Germany's northern coastline...

pgicon frozen

Frozen Foods

The tastes of Germany and the convenience of frozen foods from these top German brands...

pgicon honey-jam

Fruit, Preserves & Honey

An incredible selection of wild honeys and berry jams, flavored from Germany's forests and orchards...

pgicon wurst

Hams, Sausages, Meats

These brands bring the world-famous flavors of Germany's sausages and hams to the United States and Canada...

pgicon spaetzle

Pasta, Spaetzle, Potatoes

A delicious variety of pasta, spaetzle, and potato products exported by top German brands...

pgicon cabbages

Pickles & Pickled Vegetables

Germany's famous pickles, pickled vegetables, relishes and sauerkraut available within North America...

pgicon snacks

Snacks & Snack Foods

Salty snacks such as erdnussflips, potato chips and pretzels, and also more health oriented snacks, from top German brands...

pgicon wellness

Wellness and Beauty Products

German body care, beauty and wellness brands available in North America...


pgicon beer


Legendary German beer brands, available to consumers and the trade in North America...

pgicon wine


Fine German and Austrian varieties, imported into North America...

pgicon spirits

Spirits, Liqueurs, and Brandies

Fine spirits and liqueurs (including herbal, spice, grain, fruit spirits and bitter liqueurs) exported to North America...

pgicon coffee

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Fine herbal teas, juices, coffee, and mineral water brands, imported from Germany...


pgicon christmas

Christmas Seasonal

These brands bring chocolate santas, marizpan delicacies, stollen, and other iconic Christmas novelties...

pgicon easter

Easter Seasonal

andy eggs, bunnies, ducks and more from Germany's fine brands...

pgicon oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Seasonal

Oktoberfest staples from these fine brands, perfect for your O'fest party...

Products by German Region

arms badenwuertemberg

Baden Wuerttemberg

Fine German foods from Baden Wuerttemberg

arms bayern


Fine German foods from Bavaria

arms berlin


Fine German foods from Berlin

arms brandenburg


Fine German foods from Brandenburg

arms bremen


Fine German foods from Bremen

arms hamburg


Fine German foods from Hamburg

arms hesse


Fine German foods from Hesse

arms lowersaxony

Lower Saxony

Fine German foods from Lower Saxony

arms mecklenburg


Fine German foods from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

arms northrhineland

North Rhine Westphalia

Fine German foods from North Rhine Westphalia

arms rhinelandpalatinate

Rhineland Palatinate

Fine German foods from Rhineland Palatinate

arms saarland


Fine German foods from Saarland

arms saxony


Fine German foods from Saxony

arms sachsenanhalt


Fine German foods from Saxony-Anhalt

arms schleswig


Fine German foods from Schleswig-Holstein

arms thuringia


Fine German foods from Thuringia

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