Brand Focus: Dallmayr

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Located in the heart of Munich, Dallmayr is one of Europe’s best-known gourmet delicatessen stores. Each year more than two million local and international visitors shop at the downstairs shopping halls, and upstairs the Michelin two-star restaurant is a well-known gourmet hotspot.

This family-owned business is not new to specialty food — in the 1800s Dallmayr was a designated purveyor to 15 royal courts of Europe, including the Royal Bavarian Court, and still supplies royalty and celebrities around the world.

Coffee is one of Dallmayr’s signature lines. In the 1930s, the Dallmayr heirs decided to expand their coffee business and partnered with coffee specialist Konrad-Werner Wille from Bremen. Their goal was to offer Dallmayr shoppers the top quality coffee then only served in cafes and restaurants for consumption at home. Wille traveled to Africa in search of the best coffee beans available, ending his journey in Ethiopia, considered the birthplace of the coffee bean. There, in the fertile southern provinces of Sidamo and Harrar, he found some of the world’s finest Arabica beans.

Today, Dallmayr is the world’s largest importer of washed Arabica beans from East Africa. Dallmayr’s coffee tastemaster samples as many as 200 cups a day, evaluating each shipment before determining the optimum blends from exclusive growing areas in Africa, Asia, and South and Central America. Dallmayr’s signature brand Prodomo (“for the home”), a full-bodied coffee with a mild finish and a stomach-friendly low acid content, is one of Germany’s leading premium coffee brands.

Dallmayr’s Prodomo, Crema d’Oro, Espresso, Rarities and Decorative Gift Packs can be found in delicatessen shops around the world, including many North American specialty food stores. And their ties to Ethiopia remain strong. For each tin of Dallmayr Ethiopia sold, Dallmayr underwrites the planting of five tree seedlings in arid regions of the country. This reforestation not only improves soil quality, but also ensures the future income of local families.

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