Brand Focus: Hela

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When Herta Heuwer, a Berlin sausage vendor, invented the Currywurst in 1949 (or so the story goes), she surely could not have expected that her spiced-up Bratwurst would become one of Germany’s most beloved fast foods. Her secret ingredient: curry ketchup — a skillful blend of tomato pulp, curry powder, Worcestershire sauce and other natural flavors.

A decade later the Hamburg-based Hela Hermann Laue GmbH picked up on the idea and became the first food manufacturer to introduce curry ketchup to a national audience. Hela’s recipe became so popular, that this brand remains Germany’s curry ketchup market leader and a favorite among fans of homemade Currywurst.

Hela Curry Ketchup (or Hela Curry Sauce, as it is called in some countries) adds color and just the right balance of heat and sweet, tangy flavors to sausages or meat products. As a topping, Hela Curry Ketchup transforms hamburgers, sausages, spare ribs, rice and pasta dishes into delicious meals made in minutes, and Hela is also the “secret ingredient” in many vegetable stir-fries. Hela Curry Ketchup is gluten-free, lactose-free and preservative-free.

Hermann Laue founded his business in 1905 in the center of Hamburg to supply local butchers and meat processors with customized seasoning mixes. Today, Hela is a third generation family-run company and one of Germany’s top quality spice, seasoning and condiment producers, supplying supermarkets, restaurants and food producers all over the world. Many well-known food products and brands include spice and flavor ingredients from Hela. Besides curry ketchup, the company’s assortment includes tomato ketchup, barbecue sauces, light sauces and mayonnaise, mustard, spice grinders, organic and Halal seasonings, and other flavors. Hela’s quality and safety procedures are among the best in the industry and certified by IFS and ISO 9001 standards.

Salsa has become the leading condiment in the United States, but ketchup is still the number one topping used for barbecue, hamburgers and sausages. Hela curry ketchup or sauce is a great addition to any ketchup or barbecue sauce assortment.