Brand Focus: Kathi

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Kathi Rainer Thiele GmbH, based in Halle in the State of Saxony-Anhalt, is an award-winning innovator and market leader in the cake mix segment in Germany. Founded in 1951, this third-generation, family owned company is known for enabling home cooks to produce great tasting and impressive looking baked goods. Their baking mixes are lightly sweetened, and the flour is made from certified quality grains grown on fields in Thuringia, Saxony, Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg.

KATHI mixes are a testimony to the high quality, artisan German baking crafts, bridging the gap between German and North American baking traditions. These are the goodies that your grandmother used to bake on Sundays, with just the right quality, taste, moisture and texture, but without the fuss.

Requiring just a few steps of preparation, Kathi mixes help the novice baker move beyond brownies, while offering time savings for accomplished cooks. KATHI mixes are available for cakes, cookies, tortes, muffins, biscuits and pizza dough. Plus, each mix features alternative recipe ideas on the package.

The Kathi assortment of more than 50 products covers almost the entire range of cake recipes known in German cuisine: from Cream Puffs (Windbeutel) to Christmas Cookies (Weihnachtsgebäck); from Peach Marbled Chocolate Cake to Poppy Seed Strudel, and from Almond Bee Sting Cake (Mandel Bienenstich) to Apple Cream Cake. Innovative products like heart-shaped ‘Love Cakes’ or the Händeltorte (a regional specialty dedicated to composer Georg-Friedrich Händel) are the latest additions.