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The Josef Manner & Comp. AG is a family owned corporation and Austria’s largest confectionery manufacturer.

In 1889 Josef Manner I opened a confectionery store in the heart of Vienna, next to the city’s most famous landmark, the St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Joseph Manner I
St. Stephen's Cathedral
UTZ, Mayan for "good"

In 1898 he invented the original Neapolitan wafer, a composition of five layers of crispy wafers filled with four layers of delicious hazelnut cream. This recipe, and many others for different wafer flavors, are still used today, more than a century later, and are enjoyed by legions of Manner wafer lovers around the world. To keep the high quality standards for all products, the entire chocolate production takes place in our factory in Vienna — from roasting the sustainably grown cocoa beans to using our delicate chocolate for wafer fillings and coatings. The very best ingredients and air-tight packaging ensure the special taste and excellent quality of Manner products at all times.

Incorporated into Manner’s trade mark is the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, whose image can be found on all Manner product packages. As a demonstration of Manner’s historical relationship with the Gothic building, the company assumes all labor costs for a dedicated stone mason, who ensures that the century old landmark remains in good condition and will keep its impressive elegancy for centuries to come.

Since 2012, Manner has used exclusively UTZ-certified cocoa for all wafer products. UTZ CERTIFIED is one of the largest sustainability programs for coffee, cocoa and tea in the world. “UTZ” is a word from the Mayan language and means “good.”

By purchasing UTZ-certified cocoa, Manner supports socially responsible and environmentally friendly cocoa production and Manner quality guaranteeconsequently the improvement of the cocoa farmers’ — as well as their families’ — living standard.
By buying Manner Wafers, you contribute to a more sustainable world, and — together with Manner — can make a difference!

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