Brand Focus: Meica Sausages

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In Germany, Frankfurter sausages and the famous Bockwurst can be purchased in glass jars. These shelf-stable products are convenient to store and prepare, and made from the best cuts of pork, with fewer preservatives than North American refrigerated sausages. The secret: these sausages are slowly cooked in brine in a vacuum sealed glass which preserves the unique taste, increases shelf life and provides maximum product safety. Meica is the market leader of shelf-stable sausages. The family owned company, located near Bremen, has been in business for nearly 90 years and prides itself on having won numerous quality and safety awards. Their signature Deutschländer sausages feature an extra crunchy casing. With hot mustard from Düsseldorf, Meica sausages will be the delight of any sausage aficionado.
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