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Marzipan, a delicate mixture of ground-up almonds, rosewater and a bit of sugar, originated in the Orient more than 1,000 years. Served at the tables of caliphs and noblemen, marzipan was a prized dessert. During the Crusades, European tradesmen brought the specialty to medieval trading hubs in Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Hansa League city of Lübeck. Over the following centuries, Lübeck became the marzipan capital of the world, with its own quality standards for this delicious treat.

When Johann Georg Niederegger, a trained confectioner, purchased a pastry shop in Lübeck in the year 1806, he probably did not imagine that his name would become the world’s most recognized brand for marzipan two hundred years later. The secret of the Niederegger’s success has to do with the exact ratio of ground up almonds to sugar and with an ingredient similar to rosewater. As most culinary experts agree, Niederegger marzipan is of the finest quality standard, made from 100% almond paste. (Many other manufacturers of marzipan offset the cost of almonds by adding more sugar or almond extract to the mixture).

Today, a growing fan base throughout the world enjoys Niederegger marzipan specialties such as pralines, chocolate-covered marzipan bars, white marzipan paste and hand-crafted marzipan pigs. These items can be found at many high-end restaurants or specialty retail stores and are used as ingredients in cakes, dessert items or as gifts for many occasions. Besides marzipan, Niederegger also offers nougat pralines (made from hazelnuts). While marzipan consumption is highest during Christmas and Easter, Niederegger treats are enjoyed year round by aficionados of high end confectionary.

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