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Most of us require an energy-boost during  the average workday. Whether you’re a college student, a new parent, an athlete, or a professional burning the midnight oil, you likely ingest some food or beverage to help you wake up in the morning or stay alert at night. But it is important to understand that not all energy-boosters are created equal.

Introducing SCHO-KO-LADE

“SCHO-KO-LADE” is the export brand of Germany’s pre-eminent energy chocolate, made from selected cocoa beans, coffee beans and kola nuts, all containing naturally occurring caffeine.

The product was the creation of Dr. Gustav and Richard Hildebrand, the fourth-generation owners of the then famous Hildebrand Kakao- und Schokoladenfabrik GmbH in Berlin, founded in 1812, who sought to provide an extra boost of alertness to athletes competing in the 1936 Olympics.

The chocolate in the iconic round tin with radiating red and white rays became a preferred snack for German motorists during the 1950s and a highly popular brand among young students in the 1960s and 1970s.

Today, the brand is familiar to over 80% of households in Germany and neighboring countries, supported by the slogan Der perfekte Muntermacher (the perfect pick-me-up). Each of the 16 wedge-shaped pieces has a creamy, rich texture and a bold flavor mix of coffee and  milk or dark-bittersweet chocolate.

Why SCHO-KO-LADE and the difference to other energy boosters

A cup of coffee provides many benefits, from flavonoids and antioxidants to caffeine stimulation. However, coffee induces headaches in some people or can be hard on the stomach and intestines. Moreover, coffee’s stimulating properties decrease considerably after the first cup.

A can of energy drink not only contains high levels of added caffeine, but also high levels of sugars or chemically derived sugar alternatives.  While these drinks temporarily spike your blood sugar and boost attention, they usually do not provide long-term fuel.

Carefully produced with GMO-free ingredients, SCHO-KO-LADE is a healthy and natural alternative to most energy drinks which contains added sugars, caffeine and other chemical stimulants. The unique mix of cocoa beans, coffee beans and kola nuts with their naturally occurring caffeine contains close to 300 natural, healthy antioxidants and phytochemicals that both fuel the body with long-term energy and contribute to overall neurological health. The dark chocolate version has a relatively low glycemic index, which means glucose is released more slowly and is absorbed more gradually into the bloodstream, providing a steadier and more sustained energy boost.

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Scho-ko-lade_2SCHO-KO-LADE Red Tin Dark Chocolate with 58 % cocoa content. Each of the 16 wedges contains only 2g of sugar, 35 calories and 16mg of naturally occurring caffeine. In contrast, a fluid oz. of the most popular energy drink contains about 10 mg of added caffeine powder.




Scho-ko-lade Blue


SCHO-KO-LADE Blue tin with 30 % of cocoa content. Each of the 16 wedges contain only 3 g of sugar, 34 calories and 12.5 mg of naturally occurring caffeine.