Brand Focus: Seitenbacher

Seitenbacher Logo

A leader and pioneer of organic, natural, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian products in Germany, Seitenbacher is based in the Odenwald between Heidelberg and Frankfurt. This family-run company is widely known for their best-selling organic muesli cereals, sourced and made from grains grown on pristine fields in the Swabia and Black Forest. These cereals are gently mixed and filled in specially designed and crafted machines. Seitenbacher muesli products contain whole dried berries and nuts, which give the muesli a rich and satisfying flavor. In addition, Seitenbacher offers a large range of nutritious, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian products, including candies, hot snacks, energy bars and bodybuilding shakes.

New to the Seitenbacher assortment are rare and healthy salad and cooking oils. These oils are pressed from local and imported seeds at Germany’s only all-organic oil mill, owned by Seitenbacher, located in the pristine town of Grünsfeld (Bavaria). The cold-pressed oils taste exceptionally great and, because they are unrefined, contain a great amount of important nutrients.

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