New Products 2017

Each year, about 700 new food and beverage products hit the shelves of North American supermarkets and many more are introduced in specialty food stores. Discover the newest delicacies made in Germany and neighboring countries, now available in the US and Canada. We update this section at least once a year.

You can purchase these products online at The Taste of Germany or please call us at 1-800-881-6491 to purchase product cases at wholesale prices.

Maintal Rose Wine Jelly. Made from premium Franconian Rose’ wine using a hybrid of the Regent and Silvaner grapes. A famous regional specialty, this Rose’ Wine Jelly is the perfect companion to cheese, crackers and game. Strong wine flavor, no alcohol.
Maintal Red Wine Jelly. A truly new product made from premium “Regent” grape red wine, slowly heated to remove the alcohol, but keep an intense red wine flavor. A perfect companion to cheese, crackers and crisp bread, this red wine jellies will truly amaze the gourmet palate and make a great gift.
The Taste of Germany Marbled Chocoate Hearts edible decoration
Girrbach – artfully crafted edible decorations made from premium GMO-free chocolate, marzipan or sugar. A creative final touch for cakes, pastries, or signature dishes. Any seasonal, themed, corporate design or private label option available upon request. Made in the Black Forest area of Germany.
Dallmanns Sage Lozenges
Dallmann’s  Sage Lozenges Germany’s # 1 selling herbal remedy lozenges that you can find in the country’s 20,000 Apotheken (pharmacies). These lozenges contain the natural extract of medicinal sage and lots of Vitamin C. Taste great and are really effective to relief a scratchy throat and give you a clear, strong voice!
Boeklunder Salami Snacks
Boeklunder Salami Snacks, made in Germany from premium pork meat, smoked with natural beechwood. High meat content, a good source of protein. Free of gluten and added hormones. A delicious treat for the office, school, or in-between meals.. Available in 4 flavors: Classic, Spicy Habenero, Cracked Pepper and Onion.
Kathi Black Forest Cake Mix
The new Black Forest Cake mix includes all dry ingredients you need, including grated dark chocolate flakes. Just add milk, eggs, cherries and cream.  Very easy to make,  a stunning look and taste. From baking mix specialist Kathi saxony)






Hoehl Blauer Bock Hard Apple Cider
Hard cider has become the new beer in the USA. Discover Frankfurt’s most famous specialty drink: the “Äppelwoi” or hard apple cider. Tart apple taste, all natural, not sweetened. An authentic drink enjoyed in many pubs and parties during the summer months. (Hesse)
Rosbacher mineral water
A favorite of European royalty for centuries, Rosbacher contains a total of 1,610 mg/l of essential minerals and a unique 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium – an ideal replacement of lost nutrients after workout and a preferred thirst quencher for athletes. From Rosbach, near Frankfurt (Hesse)
Goldsaft Sugar Beet Syrup
Not all sweeteners are created equal. This all-natural beet sugar syrup contains essential nutrients absorbed from the soil, such as iron, potassium, and magnesium, but is less caloric than table sugar. The taste is sweet with a little acidic kick. Ideal as spread on toast or ingredient for many meals.
Kathi German Bee Sting Cake Mix
A delightful cake with a whipped cream layer and a crunchy almond and honey topping, called “Bienenstich” in German. Just add whipping cream and butter. This a one of the most famous German sweet dreams during the summer months. The package contains: baking mix, dried yeast, cream filling, crunchy coating, almond flakes.
Kathi Cherry Streusel Cake Mix
Cherry Streusel Cake is a popular dessert for the summer months. Just add fresh or canned sour cherries and butter. A sweet touch to a barbecue menu or afternoon coffee. Package contains 200g baking mix, 80g filling mix, 150g mix for streusel topping.