German spirits are quite a find. Although one thinks mainly of beer when associating alcohol to Germany, the liquor made in Germany is superb. It is very common in Germany to enjoy a Kirschwasser (cherry brandy) or Kräuterlikör (herb liquor) after dinner to help digest and keep the stomach happy.

Ranging from gin to vodka, Germany offers high quality spirits. We have compiled a list for you to explore. Prost!

A Guide to German Spirits: A small primer to the types of spirits produced in Germany and neighboring countries with a similar cuisine



Featured Product:

Aromatique, a delicious, refreshing, and enlivening spiced liquor from the State of Thuringia, best consumed cool.




Kammer: Since 1909, Kammer has been producing high quality fruit brandies, of which the cherry (Kirschwasser) and pear brandy (Williams Birne) are the most popular.
Racke International: A renowned liquor maker, producing the popular Dujardin and Racke Rauchzart brandies
Schladerer – For over 160 years, Schladerer has been a main German manufacturer of fruit brandies. Try the Himbeergeist (literally raspberry ghost) in this recipe.Fruit Brandy (Obstbrände)
– Schladerer – Himbeergeist
– Schladerer – Kirschwasser
– Schladerer – William’s-Birne
Schönauer : In the 1970s, Schönauer Apfel Schnapps was the main party starter. Today, it still is. Try this groovy recipe.


Doornkaat: One of the traditional German gin producers, Doornkaat, has been in production since 1806. Classic gin, new flavor: try this recipe.
Koenigs Westphalian Gin: A timeless dry gin, made since 1640, has an incredible taste. Mix it to create this drink.
Monkey 47: This gin was invented by a Wing Commander of the British Royal Air Force, Montgomery Collins, in the mid-1900s, after he was stationed in divided Berlin. Soon after, Collins developed a recipe in the Black Forest, which came to be known as Monkey 47.
Steinhäger: This German gin has been in production since 1688. There’s nothing better than dry gin and splash of crisp tonic.



Aromatique: Founded in 1876, Aromatique is a main producer of the popular herbal liquor in Germany.
Berentzen Apfelkorn – Apple Liquor
Echte Kroatzbeere – Echte Kroatzbeere
Fürstlich von Bismarck – Doppelkorn
J. A. Gilka – Gilka Kaiser-Kümmel Liqueur
Hardenberg – Der Lachs Goldwasser Liqueur
Jägermeister – Jägermeister
Killepitsch – Herb Liquor
Kuemmerling – Herb Liquor
Riemerschmid – Escorial Grün
Scharlachberg Meisterbrand – Herb Liquor
Bärenjäger Honey Liqueur by Teucke & König
Echte Kroatzbeere by Thienelt
Underberg – Herbal Digestive-Bitters
Verpoorten Advocaat – Egg Liqueur


Baeren Vodka
Bavarka Vodka
Bree Vodka
BEHN Kleiner Feigling – Fig-flavored Vodka
Caviar Wodka – Vodka
G-Spirits Vodka
Karl Marx Vodka
Lion’s Vodka
Magic Crystal Vodka
Three Sixty Vodka
Putinoff Vodka
Gorbatschow Vodka