Recipes from Bavaria

For many folks around the world, Bavarian food and manners represent German cuisine altogether, thanks to the popularity of beer gardens, Oktoberfest, sausages and beer. Although this does not give credit to Germany’s diverse culinary culture, the popularity of the Weisswurst, Pretzel, Nürnberger and pig knuckle (Eisbein) even within Germany is undeniable. Read more about Bavarian food and cultural heritage. Bavarian recipes are full of history and reflective of the fun-loving rustic Bavarians. Here are some typical and not so typical recipes you may be served at Bavarian beer gardens, homes or restaurants:

Pork Knuckle in Beer Sauce

Bayerische Brezen (Bavarian Pretzels)

Bavarian Radish Salad in Vinaigrette

Bavarian Zwieback Dumplings

Dark Beer Onion Soup

Pichelsteiner Stew

Sweet and Sour Bockwurst

Red Cabbage Stuffed Pork Loin with Bavarian Mustard Sauce

Bavarian Egg Dumplings

BLT Bavarian Style

Sauerkraut Jalapeño Poppers & Bavarian Mustard Dip

Bavaria Blue Cheese Mousse with Gooseberry Chutney

Cambozola Fettucine a la Bavaria

Leberkäse (thick-cut,bologna-style meat) with white radish and potato salad

Apple Strudel

Nürnberger Bratwurst