German Cherry and Berry Recipes

Chocolate Cake with Fresh BerriesWe’ve put together the perfect recipe collection to make the most out of the berry and cherry season. Ranging from sweet to refreshingly tart in flavor, cherries and berries in all their great varieties are not just delicious but also very nutritious since they are packed with vitamins and minerals. What to do with the fruits you haven’t managed to eat right away? These recipes will bring out the best in summer’s berries and cherries.

Cherry Currant Sorbet

This light, healthy and utterly delicious homemade sorbet is the ultimate summer dessert.

Summer Fruit Dessert (Rote Grütze)

The absolute German classic among the summer desserts!

Turkey Skewers with Hot Blackberry Sauce

Juicy skewers with grilled turkey breast, squash and onions, drizzled with a flavorful blackberry sauce and served with grilled slices of baguette. Recipe courtesy of Armin Rossmeier, German celebrity TV chef.

Crêpes Flambés with Forest Berry Coulis

Delicate crêpes combine with flavorful forest berries, citrus and liqueurs to create this spectacular dessert. A feast for the eyes and the stomach!

Cherry Soup with Cream of Wheat Dumplings

Surprise your family or guests with this wonderful cold fruit soup which can be served as appetizer or dessert. The scrumptious cream of wheat dumplings add substance to this great summer dish.

Chilled Black Cherry Soup with Asbach Uralt & Crème Fraîche

If you’re looking for a soup that perfectly captures the spirit of Valentine’s Day, this is it. Cherries have long been reputed to be an aphrodisiac, and the seductive flavor and texture and vibrant color of this soup make it the ideal prelude to any romantic meal.

Cherry Soufflé (Kirschenmichel)

Serve hot with vanilla sauce for a nice comforting touch.

Almond-Cherry Soufflés with Warm German Chocolate Sauce

By themselves, these rich, flavorful soufflés are virtually fat-free. The German chocolate sauce is rich but not too sweet, as most German-produced chocolate has a higher percentage of cocoa and less sugar than most American chocolate.

Sour Cherry & Cheese Soufflé (Kirsch Auflauf mit Butterkäse)

Morello cherries marinated in lightly spiced wine and Kirschwasser nestled in an airy butter cheese soufflé, makes for a delightful contrast in flavors and textures.

Cherry, Quark and Pumpernickel Trifle

Combining the fruity flavors of cherries with the smooth texture of fresh curd cheese and the hearty taste of whole grain bread to create a wonderfully flavorful dessert.

Black Forest Ice Cream Parfaits

Exclusive recipe from Chef Faith Alahverdian, Shoprite Culinary Workshops using several ingredients imported from Germany.

Vanilla Bean Custard with German Sour Cherry Sauce

Smooth vanilla custard flavored with German Kirschwasser, served with chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream fresh cherries, and a sour cherry sauce.

Chocolate-Seeded Black Forest Cherries with Kirschwasser Coulis

Sinful chocolate cherry bliss! Black Forest cherries stuffed with chocolate covered espresso beans, served with mint leaves, whipped cream and Kirschwasser Coulis.

Red Wine Jelly with Sour Cherries layered with Baumkuchen in Kirschwasser and Vanilla Sauce

Recipe courtesy of Uta Schepers, Special Projects Chef, Johnson and Wales University.

Alcoholic Drinks and Cocktails:

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Berried Treasure Cocktail
Berry Goldwater Cocktail
Marinated Fruit in Rum (Rumtopf)