Frankfurter Soup

Frankfurter Soup
Frankfurter Suppe
Thin sliced frankfurters are the star in a soup flavored by bacon, onions, and creme fraiche with mashed potatoes and fresh herbs.
Course Soup
Cuisine Hesse
Region Hesse


  • 4 cooked Frankfurter Würstchen sausages thinly sliced
  • 2 oz butter
  • 4 oz bacon
  • 2 small onions finely diced
  • 6-1/2 cups beef or chicken broth
  • 4 tbsp crème fraiche
  • 2 large potatoes cooked and mashed
  • 1 bunch herbs such as chives and parsley


  • Gently fry the bacon and onions in half the butter; add the broth. Mix in the creme fraiche and bring to a boil. Mix in the mashed potatoes and season with salt, pepper and nutmeg.
  • Heat the rest of the butter until foamy and toss the sausages in the butter, warming them without frying them.
  • Add the herbs to the hot soup, bring off the boil and add the sausages just before serving.