At-Home German Karneval Party

Sick of winter, and got a case of the blues?

Do what your pagan ancestors did thousands of years ago: celebrate Carnival to chase away winter and get ready for spring. Stage a Brazilian-style Samba party or a Dixie-Blues Fest in the fashion of New Orleans. Or dress up, dance, frolic and act funny, like the Germans do — all the way from Düsseldorf to Cologne to Mainz, to Freiburg to Munich — in the privacy of your own four walls.


The meaning of the word ‘Karneval’ (Latin: carnem levare) is to say, ‘good-bye to meat’ prior to the lean cuisine of Lent. Thus, the pre-Lenten days of Shrove Thursday, Rose Monday, Fat Tuesday, and Ash Wednesday defy all nutritional mandates of modern-day eating trends. Instead, they urge you to take that last bite of scrumptious meat and dig into the calorie-laden goodness of chocolate, cakes, and donuts.

Below are some recipes for authentic German dishes from the traditional Karneval strongholds. Invite your family and friends to come dressed in a fancy or funny costume. Put on disco, swing, schlager, hip-hop or hard rock. And dance the night away!




Berlin King Cake
Dresden Eierschnecke
Rheinischer Doebbekooche
Westphalian Ham LolliPops
Berlin Pfannkuchen
Marshmallow Kisses Cake
Rhineland Sauerbraten with Altbier
Rosehip Donuts for Karneval
Goldsaft Sauerbraten

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