Marzipan Jubilee Torte

Marzipan Jubilee Torte
Created by Roland Weichbrodt, master pastry chef at Café Niederegger in Lübeck, on the occasion of Niederegger's 200 year anniversary. This cake consists of three fluffy layers of dough filled with vanilla-flavored cream and topped by scrumptious chocolate-marzipan glaze. A truly worthy culinary event to celebrate.
Course Dessert
Keyword Cake, Christmas, Easter, Marzipan
Servings 20


For the dough:

  • 12 eggs
  • 3 oz sugar 90 g
  • 4-1/4 oz chopped semi-sweet chocolate 120 g
  • 3 oz flour 90 g
  • granulated sugar for spreading on the baking cloths

For the vanilla cream:

  • 1 liter milk 1 liter
  • 4 tsp granulated sugar
  • 2 sachets Dr. Oetker vanilla pudding mix 250 g each
  • pulp from 2 vanilla beans
  • 17 oz room temperature butter 500 g, about 2 sticks plus 1 tbsp

For the glaze:


  • Preheat an electric oven (not gas) to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, 180 degrees Celsius.

For the dough:

  • Beat four eggs and 1 oz sugar approximately seven minutes until foamy.
  • Carefully fold three times each 6 tablespoons chopped chocolate and 2 tbs sifted flour into the foam.
  • Spread dough onto three baking trays covered with wax paper and bake in oven until golden brown, about 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Turn biscuit layers from trays onto cloths, spread with granulated sugar to prevent sticking. Remove wax paper and let biscuit layers cool down.

For the vanilla cream filling:

  • Make vanilla cream pudding from package according to directions on the back, adding milk and sugar as directed.
  • Scrape seeds and pulp from vanilla beans, add to pudding while still hot, and let cool down.
  • Add room temperature butter bit by bit with a tablespoon and stir well.

Assemble the cake:

  • Knead the marzipan and powdered sugar together and roll out to baking tray size.
  • Spread 1/3rd of the butter cream onto the first biscuit layer.
  • Add second biscuit layer and spread out the second 1/3rd of the butter cream filling.
  • Add the third biscuit layer and top with the last third of the butter cream.
  • Lay marzipan layer on top and coat with melted chocolate.

The final step:

  • Cool for 2 hours in refrigerator.
  • Cut into 20 pieces and serve, as desired, with edible leaf gold.
Recipe courtesy of Niederegger