Party Sandwiches

Oktoberfest Party Bites
German party sandwich ideas from Roz Denny 'Modern German Cooking.' German breads, meats and cheese make a party sandwich platter with garnishes.
Course Appetizers


For the bread, use a variety of German breads such as:

  • Whole Rye Bread Katenbrot
  • Wholegrain bread Vollkornbrot
  • pumpernickel
  • Sunflower Seed bread
  • Three Seed Bread Mehrkornbrot
  • Crispbreads Knäckerbrot

For the sandwich contents:

  • prosciutto
  • Black forest ham
  • variety of German cheeses
  • fresh herbs
  • pickled vegetables


  • Cut bread into decorative shapes, or alternatively buy the breads as cocktail rounds.
  • Spread each piece of bread with butter and layer with German cheeses such as Butter cheese (Butterkäse), Tilsit, Emmentaler, Brie, Camembert or Bavarian Bleu cheese.
  • Add various other toppings such as lettuce leaves, Black Forest ham, prosciutto, hard-boiled eggs, cooked white German asparagus, herrings and German mustard.
  • Pickled red cabbage makes a decorative garnish, as do any of the German pickled vegetables. A sprig of fresh dill or parsley and some ground black pepper adds a nice touch.
Recipe courtesy of Roz Denny, Modern German Cooking