Recipe Collections – Pasta and Noodles

Pasta is arguably the world’s favorite food. (In fact, a 2011 survey by the global charity Oxfam deemed it so.) Made in in myriad shapes from a wide range of flours, including wheat, rice, rye, eggs, buckwheat, and corn, pasta is filling, inexpensive, and endlessly adaptable; it makes regular appearances on home dinner tables and in Michelin-starred restaurants, and can be easily incorporated into special diets. Germans like all kinds of pasta and egg noodles as main and side dishes, and these recipes are some of our favorites. 

Creamy Noodles and Ham (Schinkenfleckerl)

A quick and simple version of the classic family-friendly Austrian dish. In German, Schinken means “ham” and fleckerl is a type of Austrian noodle that is handmade and square-cut.





Egg Noodles from the Black Forest

Poppy Seed Black Forest Egg Noodles (Schwarzwaelder Breitbandnudeln mit Mohn)

This traditional side couldn’t be simpler to make, and the curves of the noodles are ideal for catching every bit of gravy or sauce.





Cambozola Fettucine

Cambozola Fettuccine ala Bavaria

German Cambozola cheese is the basis for a creamy flavorful sauce with diced German prosciutto.




Baked Pasta with Kochkäse (Nudelauflauf mit Kochkäse)

Kochkäse came about as a frugal way to use the dry curds that remain after making high-fat and cottage-type cheeses. Baked with pasta and bacon, this is total comfort food.




Deutschlaender Pasta Salad

Deutschländer Pasta Salad (Deutschländer Nudelsalat)

German-made Deutschländer sausages contain 87 percent prime pork meat and are beechwood smoked. While they may look like a hot dog, these sausages are less salty make a great addition to pasta and other salads.




Asparagus Ham Cream Noodles

Asparagus-Ham Cream with Ribbon Noodles (Spargel-Schinkencreme mit Bandnudeln)

This colorful and delicious dish features a classic combination—asparagus and ham—in a creamy Gouda sauce. 



Stir Fry Noodles with Rosehip-Balsamic Sauce (Nudeln mit Hagebutten Balsamic Sosse)

Sweet-tart rosehip jam creates an elegant sauce for this German-Asian fusion dish.

Koenigsberger Wedding Noodles (Königsberger Hochzeitsnudeln)

All the flavors of Köenigsberger Klopse, a Prussian dish of dumplings in caper and cream sauce over egg noodles come through in this just-as-hearty variation.

Mushroom Noodle Bake with Cheese (Pilz-Nudel-Auflauf mit Käse)

Rich, satisfying, and easy to make and serve, this creamy German casserole includes mushrooms, bacon and cheese and is a crowd pleaser at a party.