Radler is the name of drink that derives its name from the same word meaning cyclist in German. The story goes that a group of cyclists arrived at the Kugler-Alm Gasthof in Bavaria one hot day in 1922 to find that the owner didn't have enough beer to go around. The ingenious owner Franz Xaver Kugler mixed together half dark beer and half lemon soda and created a refreshing, low-alcohol drink that he named after the cyclists (Radler). The Radler drink grew in popularity and can now be purchased ready-made in cans.
Course Beverages, Cocktails
Keyword Oktoberfest


  • 1 part German beer
  • 1 part lemon-flavored soda such as Paulaner Spezi, Bionade or Mezzo Mix


  • Mix the beer and soda one to one.


Click on the logo above and find German lemon or orange sodas to make an authentic Radler.