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Dumplings are beloved cornerstones of German cuisine. Traditionally served with dishes like rouladen and sauerbraten, they soak up the rich sauces that accompany many hearty German entrees. Some of the most popular dumplings are made of potato; they can include meat or not, and paired with fruit or custard sauces they can also be offered for dessert. Whether savory or sweet, you’ll want to add a few of these authentic German recipes to your kitchen repertoire.

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Thuringian Potato DumplingsThuringan Potato Dumplings

Although the ingredient list is short and these dumplings are not hard to make, the preparation process is fairly involved and takes some practice. To make it easier, start with a dumpling mix.

Bavarian Zwieback DumplingsBavarian Zwieback Dumplings

These dumplings are easy to make with Zwieback and parsley. They make a great side dish for creamy mushroom ragout.

Bavarian Egg Dumplings

These German boiled bread, potato, and egg dumplings get a head start from Pfanni dumpling mix. They go well with roast beef and tomato salad.

Bavarian Bread Dumplings

Hearty home-made bread dumplings on a bed of button or chanterelle mushrooms sautéed in cream sauce, flavored with onions, parsley and white wine.

Bone Marrow Dumplings (Markklösschen)

A traditional recipe from Austria in which cooking the beef bones yields both beef marrow to flavor these dumplings, and the bone broth in which they’re served.

Meat-Filled Coarsely Ground DumplingsHairy” Meat-Filled Potato Dumplings (Hoorische and Gefillde)

The name Hoorische translates as “hairy ones” and alludes to the dumplings surface which comes out quite rough because the potatoes are grated coarsely. A filled variation is stuffed with ground meat and/or liver sausage.

Liver Dumpling SoupLiver Dumpling Soup (Leberknödelsuppe)

Liver dumpling soup is to Bavaria what clam chowder is to New England. The very large liver dumplings are often also served with sauerkraut.

Fried Potato Varenyky with Sauerkraut and Leeks (Varenyky Knödel mit Bratkartoffeln)

These dumplings filled with fried seasoned potato cubes, onions, sauerkraut and leeks, served boiled or fried with sour cream, are a variation of a Ukrainian national dish.

Königsberger KlopseKönigsberger Klopse

A famous and popular German dish, this recipe originated in the former German city of Königsberger, which is now part of Russia and known as Kaliningrad.

Germknödel in Vanilla Sauce with Poppy SeedsSweet Yeast Dumplings

Both names refer to dumplings made with a sweet yeast dough. They can either be steamed, as is common in Austria, in which case they are called Germknödel (with the ‘Germ’ standing for yeast). Or they can be cooked in a liquid mixture of cream, milk, butter and sugar, in which case they are called Dampfnudeln.

Plum dumplingsCrunchy Plum-Filled Potato Dumplings (Knusprige Zwetschgenknoedel)

A favorite Southern German dessert, this potato-zwieback dumpling contains a juicy plum. Served with vanilla sauce.

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