Recipe Collections – Herring and Mackerel Recipes

Herring salad

Make the most of canned smoked mackerel and herring with the recipes below. Both fish offer nutritional benefits, including Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants, and they are delicious!

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Smoked Mackerel Rillettes

In this lighter take on traditional pork or duck rillettes, smoked salmon is combined with chives, butter, and sour cream for a tasty and sophisticated appetizer.

Smoked Mackerel with Apple-Horseradish and Chervil

Smoked mackerel is topped with a apple-horseradish cream in this canape recipe garnished with chervil.

German Style Herring Salad

A colorful herring salad from Chef Ludger Szmania with multiple flavors in a sour-cream dressing, served over mesclun salad (salad blend)

Stipp (Herring in Cream Cheese Sauce)
(Hering mit Frischkäse-Sauce)

Apples, onions, lemon and cream cheese expand and complement the flavor of canned herrings in this appetizer or light lunch entree garnished with dill.

North German Composed Salad

The German version of Salade Niçoise features German smoked herring, soft-ripened herb-and-garlic cheese, and German dill pickles in a mustard vinaigrette.

Baltic Sea Smoked Herring Snack on Rye Toast

For this colorful and tasty appetizer, smoked, peppered Baltic Sea herring mixed with cilantro and mayonnaise atop a sliced of pickled red beet and garnished with a candied walnut.

Marinated Fried Herring (Bratheringe)

A traditional recipe from the Hanseatic cities for fresh herring breaded, fried and then marinated with pickles, onions, chilies and spices.

Crispy Potato Pancakes with Quick Herring Salad

This recipe makes a great light supper when served alongside some soup and rolls. As an easy alternative to making the pancakes from shredded potatoes, you could use a German potato pancake mix.

Matjes Herring Salad with Yogurt Sauce

The flavor of marinated matjes herring is complemented by German dill pickles, and a smooth, creamy taste of mayonnaise and vanilla yogurt.

Berlin-style Rollmops (Pickled Herring)

A fillet of herring rolled and stuffed with julienne carrot and onions and a sauce of vinegar, wine, carrot slices, peppercorns, bay leaf, juniper berries, and thyme.

Labskaus Stew (Herring, Corned Beef, Red Beets, Potatoes)

A traditional meal made from Rollmops herring, corned beef, red beets and potatoes, served cold and popular in the Northern part of Germany. Simple, yet sophisticated.

Vegetarian Edel Labskaus (Red Beet & Potato Stew)

A meatless version of the traditional sailor stew prepared with red beets and potatoes.


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