Recipe Collections – Kaffee und Kuchen

The rich sweetness of good German cake goes hand in hand with stimulating steaming coffee and great conversation. Gathering friends and family together for Kaffee and Kuchen Klatsch invokes that feeling of Gemütlichkeit (coziness) that we all need from time to time to counter the stresses of everyday modern living. So consider snuggling up one afternoon with friends and family for a traditional German Kaffee und Kuchen Klatsch (coffee & cake chat), accompanied by coffee and cakes, stollen or cookies.

Baked German Cheesecake (Deutscher Käsekuchen)
Make this the day before you intend to serve it so it can chill and firm. It is best made in a traditional spring-form cake tin with a removable base.

Eberswalder Spritzkuchen
In 1832 Gustav Louis Zietemann unveiled his new creation named Spritzkuchen, made of choux pastry, baked in fat, and covered with icing. Ten years later, he started selling his pastry to passengers at the local train station. This was the path to success. The pastry became popular and a favorite with more than just the locals of Eberswalde.

Hazelnut Crown (Blütennusskranz)
A light, hazelnut and walnut cake baked in a ring and decorated with simple glazing.

Badischer Plum Cake (Badischer Zwetschenkuchen)
A delectable plum cake to enjoy during the summer months.

Rhubarb Sheet Cake (Rhabarberschnitten)
Rhubarb sheet cakes are a spring favorite in Germany. This fast and easy recipe is also great if you are new to rhubarb. Sweet raisins balance the tart taste of the stalks.

Nuremberg Apple Cake (Nürnberger Apfelkuchen)
A fluffy cake filled with apple. Serve with vanilla ice cream or simply whipped cream.

Lemon Almond Hearts
These delicious cookies are decorative but more importantly very scrumptious and instantly add a romantic touch to your selection of Christmas cookies.

Kirsch Marzipan Cookies (Kirsch-Marzipan Plätzchen)
Decorative and dangerously delicious, this jam-filled cookie requires a little bit of skill on part of the baker but will reward cookie lovers with its layers of flavor.

Dunkel Gingerbread with Chocolate Chunks
A wonderful cake with soft chocolate chunks in the middle.

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