Recipes for Chocolate Lovers

Apple Chocolate TrifleLet’s cut to the chase: when it comes to dessert, for some people only chocolate will do!

The following recipes all call for that classic ingredient:

Almond-Cherry Soufflés with Warm German Chocolate Sauce

Rich and flavorful almond cherry souffles are virtually fat-free. Served with a warm German chocolate sauce with just the right amount of sweetness. (Dessert)

Chocolate and Cherry Torte (Schokoladen und Kirsch Torte

Make a light textured dark chocolate cake in the shape of a sponge flan base. Top with whipped cream and Quark and either fresh raspberries or cherries in syrup with a little thickened juice from the fruits. (Dessert)

Chocolate Leaves with Asbach Uralt-Poached Pears & Grapefruit-Lemon Quark Mousse

This is an elaborate recipe, but with a spectacular result with layers of exquisite flavors. Superb! (Dessert)

Chocolate Oat Crispies

Fantastic crunchy oat snacks with chocolate and almond. Very easy to make. these chocolate oat crispies bring out the chocolate flavor and add the healthy properties of oats. (Dessert)

Chocolate Oat Muesli Bagels

Great tasting home-made breakfast bagels made with high quality, healthy oats, and bittersweet chocolate chunks. (Breakfast/Brunch)

Chocolate Oatmeal Brownies (Hafer Schokoladen Brownies)

American brownies, made with high quality, healthy German white oats and walnuts. The white Oats provides great texture and mouth-feel. (Dessert)

Chocolate Pudding with Fruit and Manner Wafer Cubes


Chocolate Pumpernickel Pudding with Apricot-Raspberry Compote

A German chocolate almond pumpernickel pudding served with a homemade spiced apricot raspberry compote. Rich and delicious! (Dessert)

Chocolate Quarktorte with Asbach Uralt Glaze

German chocolate quark cheesecake with a chocolate brandy cream glaze. (Dessert)

Chocolate Sauerkraut Cake with Boozy Cherries

Chef Olaf Mertens combines chocolate and sauerkraut to make a cake for adventurous souls. (Dessert)

Chocolate Soup

Use dark organic chocolate for this indulgent soup created by Nic Prong, the young head chef at Chef Olaf’s Ten Restaurant in Ontario.(Dessert)

Chocolate Spice Bars – German Christmas Cookies (Berliner Brot)

A classic German cookie, these spiced chocolate bars signal autumn’s arrival and take culinary minds toward Christmas. (Dessert)

Chocolate-Seeded Black Forest Cherries with Kirschwasser Coulis

Sinful chocolate cherry bliss! Black Forest cherries stuffed with chocolate covered espresso beans, served with mint leaves, whipped cream and Kirschwasser Coulis. (Dessert)

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes with Kirsch Frosting

Delightful cupcakes with German flavors of dark chocolate, cherries, and kirsch. The bright pink frosting over chocolate makes them a perfect Valentine’s Day treat. (Dessert)

Dunkel Gingerbread with Chocolate Chunks

German dark chocolate gingerbread cake full of deep, rich flavors looks great baked in a Bundt pan and dusted with confectioners’ sugar. (Dessert)

German Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies with Black Cherry Preserves

The classic brownie, German style, with flavors of dark chocolate, black cherry, apple butter and honey. Recipe by Chef Jackie Newgent. (Dessert)

Stollen Bread Pudding with Chocolate Chunks & Caramelized Bananas

A stunning bread pudding with brandy, chocolate and caramelized bananas for holiday dessert or brunch. German Christmas stollen make bread pudding easy and delicious, because they come filled with currants, almonds, orange zest and cinnamon. (Dessert)