Recipes from a German Beer Garden

Mini Onion TartsIf you’re yearning for a German beer garden experience but don’t live close to one or are stuck at home, don’t despair. We have plenty of recipes for you to create your own beer-buzz Gemütlichkeit for your friends and family right in your back yard. Just get a few wooden benches, couple of long picnic tables, a keg of more of good beer (Bavarian, Berliner Weisse, or Kölsch), and… off to the kitchen to whip up these beer garden favorites.


German Bratwurst in Beer

A German classic basted in beer to pair with red cabbage and potato salad, potato dumplings, mashed or fried potatoes.

Schmalzbrot(Rye bread with pork lard and onions )

A crusty, hearty rye bread with edible lard (Schmalz) made from pork, goose or plant-based oils, seasoned with roasted onions salt and paprika.

Hot Crusty Frankfurter Rolls (Frankfurter Würstchen im Schlafrock )

These light and crusty frankfurter rolls appeal to all ages, from children and teenagers to adults, and they’re perfect for your summer barbecue.

Potato Salad Berlin Style (Berliner Kartoffelsalat )

This German potato salad uses oil and vinegar in the dressing rather than mayonnaise, so it’s lighter summer fare.

Odette’s Potato Salad (Odette’s Kartoffelsalat )

This fresh interpretation of potato salad is named after a busy working mother from Bavaria and uses cherry tomatoes, chives, scallions, and chopped German pickle for flavor and color.

Mini Onion Tarts (Kleine Zwiebelfladen )

Perfect for entertaining, these are handheld versions of the classic onion tart.

Hofbräu Coleslaw

Courtesy of Hofbräu, this recipe for coleslaw is enlivened with a bit of the famous brew.

Cool Kraut Salad

A red cabbage salad with a sweet and pungent dressing, packed with flavor and nutrients. Fresh red cabbage, radicchio and red onions contrast with preserved vegetables. Quick and easy, too!

O’batzten (Obazda )

A traditional Bavarian dish consisting of Camembert cheese, butter, paprika and onions used as a spread on bread or pretzels.

Buletten, Berlin-style Hamburgers

German style hamburgers made with bread and eggs, similar to our meatballs — and served in corner bars, snack stands, and at home.

Döner Kabab

A popular snack with a Turkish origin, in Germany Döner-Kebab are served as a handheld meal wrapped in flatbread.

Chef Olaf’s Red Cabbage Salad

A spiced red cabbage recipe from Chef Olaf developed for the 2008 Toronto Gourmet Food & Wine Expo, and a hit with the public!

Soft Pretzels with Honey Mustard Sauce

What could be more satisfying than fresh homemade German soft pretzels with their own dipping sauce!

Hofbräu Bratwurst

Grilled German bratwurst gets a flavor boost from simmering in a Hofbräu beer sauce. Just serve on a bun and add a refreshing beverage!