Recipe Collections – Recipes from Germany’s Fine Brands

Recipes from Brandt

Whether paired with fruit or cheese or eggs or fish, Brandt Zwieback toasts are a great short-cut to many family-pleasing recipes!

Entertaining with Castello

Nothing goes together quite like a great glass of wine or beer and a delicious cheese…

Recipes from Hela

Recipe ideas for classic curry sauce that go far beyond the wurst.

Recipes from Kölln Oats

Extend your enjoyment of super quality oat products with these recipes from Kölln, a 200 year old company that’s Germany’s best known brand of oats.

Recipes from Manner

Manner wafers are delicious just as they are, but they can also lend their light and crispy creme filled goodness to these baked goods and desserts.

Recipes from Meica

Many say that great sausages are bested enjoyed simply, but these recipes from Meica offer great ideas to add to your portfolio of sausage meals.

Recipes from Mestemacher

A selection of snack sandwiches built on the foundation of Mestemacher whole grain breads. Many of these recipes could quickly adapt into party appetizers.

Recipes from Niederegger

Sometimes the fine sweets from Niederegger are just the beginning — these recipes produce desserts that are sweet perfection!

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