Recipes from Saxony-Anhalt

In the Altmark region of pine forests, rye and potatoes are the main crops and in the south, fruit and wine is cultivated. The most well-known agricultural products from these regions are the onions from Calbe, milk and asparagus (Spargel) from the Altmark and apricots and sparkling wine from the Saale-Unsrut area. These ingredients form the basis of many of Saxony Anhalt’s most well-known dishes.

Altmärker Hochzeitssuppe (Wedding Soup)
Spargel (asparagus) from the Altmark region is one of the key ingredients in this soup, along with tiny meatballs and cooked egg garnish. It is traditionally served as an appetizer at a wedding, but is often made at home too.

Baumkuchen (Tree Cake)
Baumkuchen is “correctly” baked by pouring or brushing layers of batter onto a rotating spit in a large oven made specifically for the task. This recipe shows how you can bake the classic cake in a standard household oven.

Gurkencremesuppe mit Kartoffeln (Cucumber Soup with Potatoes)
A creamy cucumber soup topped with cubed potatoes makes for a nice and cozy meal.

Zerbster Asparagus Soup

Prussian Wedding Dish (roast beef and lamb)