Recipes from the Hanseatic Cities of Bremen, Hamburg and Lūbeck

The Hanseatic cities are located in northern and northwestern Germany. They are all picturesque, claiming the title of some of the most beautiful cities in Germany, especially with water nearby. Here’s a selection some of the traditional dishes from Bremen, Hamburg, and Lübeck.

Birnen, Bohnen und Speck (Pears, Beans, and Bacon)

Braunkohl mit Pinkel

Bremer Butterkuchen

Crispy Potato Pancakes with Quick Herring Salad


Hering mit Frischkäse-Sauce (Herrings with Cream Cheese Sauce)

Himmel und Erde (Heaven and Earth)

Labskaus (Sailor’s Stew)

Lübecker Makrönchen

Marinated Fried Herring (Bratheringe)

Matjes Herring Salad in Yogurt Sauce

Ochsenschwanzsupper (Oxtail Soup)

Oldenburger Grünkohl

Plumen un Klüten (Plums and Dumplings)

Rote Grütze (Summer Fruit Dessert)