Recipe Collections – Screaming For Ice Cream

There are two things that could make a hot sunny day better. A scoop of homemade ice cream in a homemade waffle cone. Browse the fresh flavors of homemade frozen delights we have compiled to make a sweet treat for a beautiful summer’s day. We all scream for ice cream!

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Black Forest Ice Cream Parfait1 copyApfel-Zimt-Eis (Apple Spice Ice Cream)
A delightfully creamy apple spice flavored ice cream.

Black Forest Ice Cream Parfaits
Savor the sweet cherry and chocolate flavors of the Black Forest with homemade vanilla ice cream.

Eiswaffeln (Waffle Cones)
Old-fashioned waffle cones.

Fürst Pückler Eis (Neapolitan Ice Cream)
Three layers – chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry – make up this ice cream, which originates from the state of Brandenburg.

Himbeereis (Raspberry Ice Cream)
The aroma of raspberries makes this ice cream light and fresh.

Lavendeleis (Lavender Ice Cream)
A sophisticated flavor that can add a modern flare to any occasion.

Marzipaneis (Marzipan Ice Cream)
An unusual way to use marzipan. Serve the ice cream as is or top with sliced sun-ripened peaches, dark sweet cherries, or chocolate sauce.

Mohneis (Poppy Seed Ice Cream)
This simple and nutty flavor is nicely paired with any fruit compote.

Nutella-Eis (Nutella Ice Cream)
An ice cream made with a German favorite: Nutella.

Pfefferminzeis mit Schokostückchen (Peppermint Ice Cream with Chocolate Chunks)
Homemade mint chocolate-chip ice cream that is irresistible.

Pumpernickel Ice Cream with Cranberries
One of Germany’s favorite breads turned into a creamy dessert.

Tart Cherry Ice Cream
The perfect combination of sweet and sour for a tart flavor.

Vanilleeis (Vanilla Ice Cream)
A classic. Add any ingredient for a personal touch.


Serve with cakes, mix in chocolates, or add cookies for a crunch.