Recipe Collections – Simple Comfort Food for Casual Winter Entertaining

The cold winter months are a natural match for simple comfort food to warm the body and nourish the soul. Here is a small collection of simple German-inspired comfort food to add to your menu for this year’s football, game day or carnival party. The collection includes classic dishes like German potato salad and Sauerkraut soup with contemporary recipes using ideas and ingredients which are as popular in North America as they are in Germany.

For Starters:

German Potato Salad

German potato salads are not just for serving as an accompaniment to a cold meal. Many hot dishes are nicely complemented by a good potato salad. The most simple and sublime are meaty Bratwursts, complete with a nice big spoonful of German mustard.

Warm Apple and Cabbage Slaw

The combination of fresh shredded cabbage with sauerkraut makes for a slaw with great texture and depth of flavors. Apples and walnuts add fruity and warm notes and the warm dressing brings everything together.

Sauerkraut Soup

Sauerkraut lends itself perfectly to a warming winter soup. This recipe is filling enough to be a main meal. Use your favorite smoked sausage and serve with slices of German wholegrain rye bread for a satisfying cold weather meal.

Main Fare:

Mini Onion Tarts

In days gone by, leftover bread dough would be rolled into small rounds and topped with caramelized onion rings, Black Forest ham and soured cream, then baked until bubbling and golden – it’s Germany’s answer to pizza!

Frutt Sbrinz-Wähe (Sbrinz Cheese Tart)

Courtesy of Chef Andreas Appenzeller, this recipe is a creamy cheesy quiche-like dish.

Sauerkraut Turkey Burgers with Emmentaler Cheese

Try a fresh take on the standard burger – use ground turkey with sauerkraut and cheese. A great side dish would be a German potato salad, or a pasta salad made with German spätzle.

Beef Rouladen with Pan Gravy

Perfectly seasoned stuffed beef rolls in a savory brown sauce make this classic German recipe a common family favorite. Herbed Spätzle perfectly complete this German comfort food.

For the sweet tooth:

Chocolate Sauerkraut Cake with Boozy Cherries

Combining chocolate and sauerkraut sounds too daring? Trust Master Chef Olaf Mertens on this one and let your friends guess what the secret ingredient is. It’s a bit like carrot cake for the adventurous soul.

King of Hearts (Milkshake)

What to do with the German gingerbread (Lebkuchen) left over from Christmas? Turn it into a scrumptious thick milkshake, with the help of your favorite chocolate ice cream and milk.

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