Recipe Collections – Specialties of Switzerland

Bier in den Alpen

When one thinks of Swiss cuisine, most likely cheese and chocolate are of the top thoughts. Browse this collection of Swiss specialties including rösti (hash-brown potatoes), Geschnetzeltes (meat cut into strips), and the Frutt Sbrinz-Wähe courtesy of Executive Chef Andreas Appenzeller of Hotel Frutt Lodge & Spa in the heart of Switzerland.

Chicken Sauerkraut Roesti
A chicken burger stack made with potato roesti, from Switzerland, and a scrumptious chicken-sauerkraut-pineapple mix. The flavors meld together well and the roesti looks like and can be eaten as a burger.

Frutt Sbrinz-Wähe (Sbrinz Cheese Tart)
A recipe exclusively for from Executive Chef Andreas Appenzeller in Switzerland; this dish is similar to quiche, however with the Swiss cheese Sbrinz for a rich and hearty cheese tart.

Swiss-German Cheese Fondue
This basic German cheese fondue, similar to the Swiss cheese fondue, is sure to become a holiday favorite.

Swiss-German Cheese Raclette
Tired of the same old Christmas dinner? Surprise your family and friends with a fun raclette evening with German or Swiss cheeses. With minimum preparation time you can maximize the joy of a creative communal dinner experience.

Onion Tart with Emmentaler Cheese
This quiche-like dish boasts the Swiss Emmentaler cheese.

Sauerkraut Turkey Burgers with Emmentaler Cheese
Try a fresh take on the standard burger — use ground turkey with sauerkraut and Swiss cheese. A great side dish would be a German potato salad, or a pasta salad made with German spätzle.

Turkey Geschnetzeltes
Geschnetzeltes refers to a specific way of cutting meat into thin strips.