Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas from Germany

Turkey Cupcakes_sqMany German dishes are a natural fit with the Thanksgiving meal, particularly those traditional to harvest season. So, if yours is one of those families whose Thanksgiving tradition allows a little play in the menu, try slipping one or two of these German favorites into the spread. Your guests will be grateful! And, isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about?


Baked Camembert with Red Currant Sauce

Breaded and baked camembert wedges with warm red currant sauce. Great finger food for a dinner party or cocktail reception.

Pumpkin Crostini

Perfect appetizer for fall and winter entertaining, or a late-day snack.

Zesty Prosciutto-Sauerkaut Rolls (Fruchtig gefüllte Parmaschinken-Röllchen)

A great appetizer with black forest prosciutto rolls stuffed with deliciously mild champagne sauerkraut on a bed of arugula salad.

Herrings with Cream Cheese Sauce

Matjesfilet herrings with blanched apples and onions, sauced with a creamy apple-onion sauce.

Sweet & Sour Pickled Pumpkin

This classic pickled pumpkin recipe is a time-honored and popular German preserve.

Holiday Strudel with Mustard Sauce

A great holiday party treat with German flavors. Strudel with apple, sauerkraut and knackwurst or bratwurst, with a sweet mustard cream sauce.

Side Dishes

Creamy Sauerkraut with Chives

Tangy sauerkraut tempered with creamy crème fraîche. This side dish will complement roast fowl or pork, and also makes a tasty baked potato topping.

Horseradish-Roasted Fall Vegetables

Zesty horseradish nicely balances the sweetness of the squash and apples in this recipe with the wonderful flavors of harvest season.

Creamy Potato Pumpkin Skillet (Sahnige Kartoffel-Kürbis-Pfanne)

Pumpkin and potatoes in a wonderfully rich cream base, enriched with Speck and spiced up with chile, peppercorns, parmesan and arugula.

Cassis-flavored Red Cabbage (Blaukraut mit Cassis)

Red cabbage gets both spiced and spiked in this side dish with the flavors of apple, currant, clove and cinnamon. A great festive side dish for holiday meals.

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Baked Gingerbread Apples

Baked apples stuffed with chocolate and crumbled lebkuchen (gingerbread), garnished with whipped cream and crystallized ginger.

Baked Apples with Marzipan and Cranberries (Bratäpfel)

Another wonderful version of baked apples stuffed with marzipan and spiced cranberries.

Quick Apple Strudel

A simplified strudel using store-bought phyllo dough.

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