Recipe Collections – Valentine’s Day Dessert Ideas from Germany


German Waffle Desserts Recipes

If you have ever enjoyed freshly baked waffles in Germany, you will know that not only are they wonderfully light and fluffy but they also look different from their American counterpart. And Even if your waffle iron does not produce the heart-shaped specimen, what could be better than waking up your better half on Valentine’s Day with the aroma of homemade German waffles and freshly brewed coffee? It might well be worth getting up a little earlier than usual because these recipes will definitely make for a memorable start to your Valentine’s Day.


German Chocolate Dessert Recipes

Chocolate is still the ultimate Valentine’s Day Classic, and our scrumptious chocolate recipes from Germany are anything but ordinary. With these tried and true recipes you are sure to wow that special person in your life. After all, why not take advantage of this natural aphrodisiac?