Recipes for Authentic German Beverages

Beer Cooler Recipe
Raspberry beer cooler made with wheat beer like Paulaner or Spaten, frozen raspberries, raspberry syrup and sparkling wine.

Beer Punch
Fresh fruits and berries combine with dark German beer in this tasty punch,
perfect for summertime entertaining.

Elderflower Cocktail (Hugo)

Fire Tongs Bowle (Germany’s Winter Holiday Flaming Punch)
Germany’s most spectacular holiday drink of red wine, juice and spices, prepared in a fireproof bowl. Please read important safety note .

Fruit Punch
A flexible recipe for fresh fruit punch that uses whatever’s at the peak of ripeness and flavor.

Green Maibowle
A typical German alcoholic d rink for the month of May made from white wine, sparkling wine and sweet woodruff.

Honey Nut
Bärenjäger herb liquor with Frangelico and Irish Cream

May Punch
Classic German woodruff flavored punch known as Maibowle, made from German dry white wine, woodruff herb, brandy, and sugar, festively garnished with colorful fruit and more woodruff herb.

Non-Alcoholic Hot Fruit Punch
A flavorful hot fruit drink for young guests. Goes especially well with freshly­ baked Christmas cookies and holiday celebrations.

Make your own version of this extremely popular, refreshing drink, perfect for
summer entenaining .

Raspberry Beer Cooler
A refreshing summertime cooler made with German Hefeweizen (wheat beer), sparkling wine and raspberries. Quick, easy, and delicious.

Rosehip Cooler

Scottish Lemonade
Neither Scottish nor lemonade, nevertheless this refreshing alcohol-free summer drink made from herbal tea and fruit juice is a joy on summer’s hottest days.

Sparkling Fresh Pink Lemonade
Fresh homemade lemonade with a lovely pink color from German strawberry preserves and the bubbles of German sparkling water.

Spiced Mulled Wine
The classic German spiced wine that’s served warm at Christmas fairs and celebrations. Tips for flavor variations.

Strawberry Punch
A summertime punch made from fresh berries, a touch of citrus and German white and sparkling wines. Perfect for a spring picnic or summer barbecue party.

The Santa Claus
A festive holiday cocktail with a brilliant red hue features Asbach brandy and the fresh fruit flavors of cherry, red currants, and pomegranate seeds.